One Life
Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 One Life International Photography Competition! This year’s winners showed us their most powerful story-telling images of people, places, things and ideas. Grand-prize winner Debbie O'Donnell will receive $8,000 cash, an exhibition at the FUJIFILM Wonder Photo Shop in New York City, a $500 gift card to B&H and a one-page profile of her work in PDN and Rangefinder magazines. Early-entry winner Michael Jantzen will receive $2,000 cash. First-place winners Ilka & Franz, Niko Giovanni Coniglio and Ole Marius Joergensen will each receive a $250 gift card to B&H. Aaron Sheldon is the winner of the FUJIFILM X-Pro 2 camera and XF23mmF2 lens. Michael Jantzen and Jinane Ennasri are this year’s People's Choice winners. All winning work can be viewed in the below gallery.
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