THE MARTY FORSCHER FELLOWSHIP is sponsored by Parsons The New School for Design and PDN. This award recognizes students and emerging professionals who have outstanding achievements in humanistic photography. Congratulations to professional award winner, Meeri Koutaniemi, who will receive a $5,000 cash prize, and student award winner Alexandra Hootnick, who will receive a $3,000 cash prize.

THE ARNOLD NEWMAN PRIZE FOR NEW DIRECTIONS IN PHOTOGRAPHIC PORTRAITURE is funded by The Arnold & Augusta Newman Foundation, with support from Maine Media Workshops, the American Society of Media Photographers and PDN. This award recognizes photographers who are creating work that echoes Arnold Newman's legendary portraiture. Congratulations to Nancy Borowick, who will receive a $15,000 prize.

THE PDN PUBLISHER’S CHOICE AWARD recognizes exceptional and noteworthy work. Congratulations to John Moore, who will be featured in a full-page ad in an upcoming issue of PDN and will receive a $1,500 cash award.

The EPSON CREATIVITY AWARD is presented to a photographer who demonstrates originality and creativity in his or her approach. Congratulations to Jamey Stillings.

The SONY EMERGING PHOTOGRAPHER AWARD recognizes Dylan Coulter this year for his exceptional work. Coulter will receive a Sony 7 II full-frame mirrorless camera and a 28-70mm lens.

Aurélien Chauvaud

Ad Agency: TBWA\Paris

Creative Director: Jean-François Goize

Art Director: Marianne Fonferrier

Art Buyer: Julie Champin

Copywriter: Antoine Colin

Client: AIDES

Rep: Florence Moll

“No condom. No sex.” Campaign for AIDES, an association fighting AIDS in Europe. The print campaign was accompanied by four short films.

Jonathan Mehring

Ad Agency: Imprint Projects

Art Director: Adam Katz

Producer: Brady Welsh

Client: Levi Strauss & Co.

Levi’s Fall 2014 line is shown in action in the “Strong Made Stronger” campaign, featuring documentary-style photos of skateboarders in the streets and in the Levi’s-sponsored skate park built in La Paz, Bolivia.

Sarah Silver

Ad Agency: Sub Rosa


ART DIRECTOR: Christina Latina

Producer/Art Buyer: Addison O’Dea

Hair and Makeup: jen Navarro

Client: Pantone

Rep: Kate Ryan Inc.

Pantone’s 2014 “Make it Brilliant” campaign.

Ture Lillegraven

Ad Agency: Venables Bell & Partners

Art Directors: Matt Miller and Mikey Sison

Design Director: Cris Logan

Producer: Joni Wittrup

Client: Reebok

Ad campaign for the rebranding of Reebok.

Brakha X2

Ad Agency: Barnhart Communications

Creative Director: Lonnie Anderson

Client: Watco

The scary things that come out of your bathtub drain.

Ryan Hunter

Client: Guitar Center

Musician and producer Questlove, photographed in Los Angeles.

Clay Hayner

Ad Agency: In-house

Creative Director: Adam Hallmark

Art Director: Larry Oliver

Client: Haggar Clothing Co.

A vintage-looking campaign inspired by old jazz album covers from the 1930s.

Clay Hayner

Ad Agency: In-house

Creative Director: Adam Hallmark

Art Director: Larry Oliver

Client: Haggar Clothing Co.

A vintage-looking campaign inspired by old jazz album covers from the 1930s.

Justin Fantl

Ad Agency: In-house

Art Director: Matt Wright

Client: Levi Strauss & Co.

Rep: Giant Artists

Justin Fantl was given the creative freedom to experiment with a variety of Levi’s products over the course of three days in the studio.

Dylan Coulter

Creative Director: Marissa Grasso

Client: A&E

Portraits of Freddie Highmore and Vera Farmiga as Norman and Norma Bates for the new season of Bates Motel on A&E. The images are an homage to the promotional images for the original 1960 film Psycho.

Nick Hall

Client: Panthera

An environmental portrait taken for Panthera, an international wild-cat conservation organization that works with the Maasai people in Kenya to mitigate interactions between lions and Maasai livestock .

Chip Litherland

Cient: Morris Visitor Publications

“Tampascapes,” shot from a helicopter above Tampa, Florida, will be used in a coffee-table book distributed in hotels.

Thomas Heinser

Designer: Michael Mabry

Client: NetJets Europe

Images for private-jet company NetJets Europe’s print and digital campaigns.

Noah Webb

Agency: In-house

Creative Director: Tiffany Wong

Prop Stylist: Carl Dove

Client: Nursery Works

Rep: Redeye Represents

Modern Nursery Works children’s cribs photographed at Stahl House, the famous mid-century modern home in Los Angeles.

Kate T. Parker

Clients: Athleta and Girls on the Run

A campaign for Girls on the Run to “power up” the next generation of girls.

Matthew Carden

Ad Agency: Jar Design

Client: Big Cork Vineyards

A campaign that plays upon the name “Big Cork.”

Wes Frazer

Client: Sub Pop Records

Wes Frazer’s tour photographs of rock band Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires.

Jason Madara

Ad Agency: In-house

Creative Director: Angela Gruszka

Client: ABC Carpet & Home

The latest campaign for ABC Carpet & Home, shot at Fort Totten, a Civil War-era fortress in Queens, New York.

Jill Greenberg

Ad Agency: Arsonal design

Art Director: Brad Johnson

Client: Netflix

Promotion for season two of the Netflix original series Orange Is the New Black.

Chris Crisman

Client: Lone Mountain Ranch

Running horses photographed at Lone Mountain Ranch in Big Sky, Montana.

Mark Zibert

Ad Agency: The Corner London

Creative director:Tom Ewart

Creative team: Robert Amstell, Pauline Ashford, Mike Kennedy and Matthew Lancod

Designer: Will Chak

Retouching: Smoke & Mirrors

Client: adidas

Chelsea Football Club’s star players, covered in blue paint to show their passion and determination in support of their club. The campaign, “It’s Blue, What Else Matters?,” was a teaser for the launch of the team’s new kit.

Troy Goodall

Ad Agency: Y&R New Zealand

Executive Creative Director: Josh Moore

Art Directors: Tom Paine and Mark Tallis

Copywriters: Cameron Dowsett and Carlos Savage

Client: Schick

Schick’s “Free Your Skin” campaign.

The Wade Brothers

Ad Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky

Creative Directors: Jamin Duncan and Graham McCann

Producer: Lisa Lee


The global campaign “The Obvious Choice” brings to life Captain Obvious, who plays the roles of world traveler and’s biggest fan.

The Wade Brothers

Ad Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky

Creative Directors: Jamin Duncan and Graham McCann

Producer: Lisa Lee


The global campaign “The Obvious Choice” brings to life Captain Obvious, who plays the roles of world traveler and’s biggest fan.

Jennifer Rocholl

“LA Birds Love You” is an outtake from an Adidas shoot.

Pamela Littky

Art Director: Alex Haldi

Client: Def Jam Recordings

Cover photo for the album Nobody’s Smiling by hip-hop artist Common.

Clinton Hussey

Ad Agency: Rethink Canada

Art Director: Felipe Mollica

Client: Science World

“Science World: Now You Know” highlights odd scientific facts with humor.

Paul Ross Jones

Creative Director: Gareth Gardner

Retoucher: Richard Ban

Client: Icebreaker

A series of images for New Zealand outdoor-clothing brand Icebreaker.

Armstrong Pitts Studios

Creative Director: EJ Armstrong

Project Director: Jan Roberts

Designer: Alicia Nammacher

Client: Darigold

Volume 8 of Fresh, a custom publication led by Armstrong Pitts Studios. The studio shoots each issue cover to cover and manages design, copy and production for Darigold, a dairy cooperative.

Andy Batt

Ad Agency: In-house

Art Director: Kevin Irving

Client: Oregon Ballet Theatre

25th anniversary celebration poster art for the Oregon Ballet Theatre in Portland.


Randal Ford

Ad Agency: FCB Chicago

Creative Director: Myra Mazzei

Client: Valspar Paint

An image from a Valspar Paint campaign showing chameleons changing their colors to match the paint they touch.

Per-Anders Pettersson

Publication: TIME

Director of Photography: Kira Pollack

Deputy Director of Photography: Paul Moakley

A behind-the-scenes look at the booming fashion industry in Botswana, Nigeria, Senegal and South Africa.

Bryan Derballa

Publication: WIRED

Director of photography: Patrick witty

Photo Editor: Paloma Shutes

“Inside the Rainbow Factory” is a look inside the Crayola crayon factory in Easton, Pennsylvania, which produces 12 million crayons a day.

Alec Soth

Publication: The New York Times Magazine

Design Director: Gail Bichler

Director of Photography: Kathy Ryan

Photo Editor: Stacey Baker

Photo Agency: Magnum Photos

Alec Soth visited the Belle Plaine public high school, located an hour from Minneapolis, to witness lockdown drills, a preventive measure that has become prevalent in many American schools to counter the threat of school shootings.

Wesley Mann

Publication: The Hollywood Reporter

Creative Director: Shanti Marlar

Photo Director: Jennifer Laski

Deputy Photo Director: Carrie Smith

An outtake from an assignment in Vicco, Kentucky, the smallest town in America to pass an ordinance outlawing discrimination based on sexual orientation. Johnny Cummings (who is openly gay) grew up in this town and now serves as its mayor.

Adrian Gaut

Publication: Condé Nast Traveler

Creative Director: Yolanda Edwards

Photo Director: Jennifer Miller

Senior Photo Editor: Leonor Mamanna

Photo Producer: Dan Bailey

“Land of Sand and Fog” is a travel story about the Skeleton Coast in Namibia.

Spencer Lowell

Publication: TIME

Director of Photography: Kira Pollack

Deputy Director of Photography: Paul Moakley

Photo Editor: Myles Little

Rep: Eye Forward, Inc.

“Water World” appeared in the Future Issue of TIME. Spencer Lowell traveled to the world’s largest desalination plant, in Jebel Ali, Dubai, to show the future of water consumption and irrigation.

Liesa Cole

Publication: B-Metro

Producer: Tony Rodio

Assistant: Andi Rice

In “Unnatural Habitat,” Liesa Cole photographs the relationships between humans and their unusual house pets.

Zack McDowell

Publication: STATUS

Stylist: Aubrey Closson

Hair: Michael Johnson

Makeup: Alana Wright

Half-Nigerian, half-Chinese model Adesuwa Aighewi moves in a vibrant, digital-patterned world.

Michael Grecco

Publication: Departures

Deputy Photo Editor: Anika Burgess

Men walking in the overcrowded city of Lagos, Nigeria.

Landon Nordeman

Publication: Vogue

Photo Editor: Suzanne Shaheen

“Hello, Kitties!” is a photo essay about the 2014 World Championship Cat Show, held at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, Pennsylvania.

Kevin Tachman


Backstage at Giambattista Valli’s Spring 2015 Couture Show in Paris.

Nadav Kander

Publication: The Observer Magazine

Picture Editor: Kit Burnet

Makeup: Lisa Eldridge

Hairstylist: Aimee Hershaw

Keira Knightley, photographed for the October 26, 2014, issue of The Observer Magazine.

Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari

Publication: New York

Director of Photography: Jody Quon

Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari’s surreal take on the spring season for New York’s Spring Fashion Issue, published on February 17, 2014.

Art Streiber

Publication: Entertainment Weekly

Design Director: Tim Leong

Photo Editor: Aeriel Brown

Photo Director: Lisa Berman

Rep: Stockland Martel

A portrait of actor Michael Keaton, photographed for the cover of the October 17, 2014, issue of Entertainment Weekly.


Publication: PAPER

Wardrobe Stylist: Shirley Kurata

Hair and Makeup: David Tolls

“Salvation Mountain” fashion editorial, shot on film for the Spring 2015 issue of PAPER.

Anand Varma

Publication: National Geographic

senior Photo Editor: Todd James

Photo Agency: National Geographic Creative

In this story, National Geographic introduces nature’s “nightmare mindsuckers” in a macro world where parasites compel their hosts to do their bidding.

Erik Madigan Heck

Publication: The New York Times magazine

Design Director: Gail Bichler

Director of Photography: Kathy Ryan

Photo Editor: Christine Walsh

Designers: Ben Grandgenett and Drea Zlanabitnig

In “Old Masters,” The New York Times Magazine interviewed public figures ages 80 and above who are at the top of their game. Erik Madigan Heck photographed filmmaker Frederick Wiseman, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, actors Betty White and Christopher Plummer, architect Frank Gehry and long-distance runner Ginette Bedard, among others.

Anthony Cotsifas

Publication: WSJ Magazine

Set Design: Michael Reynolds

Using both light and physical space to create and distort an architectural environment, Cotsifas layered projected images on geographical shapes and accessories, playing with the real and perceived boundaries of the viewer.

Ciril Jazbec

Publication: National Geographic PROOF

While working in Uummannaq, Greenland, photographer Ciril Jazbec worked with Children’s Home to arrange a nighttime film screening of the Greenlandic-language film Inuk for a group of local Inuit. While the film was projected on an iceberg under the starry skies, Jazbec photographed the spectators, capturing their fascination.

Brian Finke

Publication: National Geographic

Senior Photo Editor: Todd James

“Carnivore’s Dilemma” poses the question: “Is America’s appetite for meat bad for the planet?”

Jamie Chung

Publication: TIME

Design Director: D.W. Pine

Director of Photography: Kira Pollack

Photo Editor: Paul Moakley

A photograph to illustrate the domino effect of terrorism in Europe, published as the cover of TIME’s January 26, 2015, issue after the Charlie Hebdo shooting in Paris.

Thierry Bouët

Publication: New York

Director of Photography: Jody Quon

A newborn baby in the first hour of life, photographed for the cover of New York’s Health Issue, published on June 9, 2014.

Alex Majoli

Publication: The Cut, New York

Photo Editor: Emily Shornick

Photo Agency: Magnum Photos

Alex Majoli wove in and out of the chaos backstage at Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week, Autumn/Winter 2014.

Jesse Rieser


Senior Photo Editor: Elissa Curtis

These photographs from the story “When Fall Came Early” bear witness to how the United States’ worst drought in over 50 years has devastated the Arkansas River Basin.

Dylan Coulter

Publication: ESPN The Magazine

Senior Director of Photography: Karen Frank

Deputy Photo Editor: Jim Surber

Multiple exposures and portraits of pitching grips and throwing motions, comparing and contrasting the pitching staff of Major League Baseball’s Arizona Diamondbacks.

Bobby Doherty

Publication: New York

Director of Photography: Jody Quon

Photo Editor: Roxanne Behr

In “What Dorothy and Cleopatra and Annie Hall Are Wearing This Fall,” Bobby Doherty restyled scenes from classic cinema with 2014 fall fashion for New York’s August 11, 2014 issue.

Larry Towell

Title: Afghanistan

Publisher: Aperture

Editor: Denise Wolff

Designers: Sara Duell and Larry Towell

Renowned Magnum photographer Larry Towell presents a moving and in-depth look at a country afflicted by war for 30 years, whose citizens and landscapes are affected by conflict on a daily basis. Here, the war is seen from a variety of perspectives, with depictions of U.S. and British soldiers, landmine victims, ordinary Afghan citizens and a rare series of Taliban portraits. The limited-edition book, complete with Towell’s handwritten notes and images of collected items, offers an important historical document on present-day Afghanistan.

Laura Letinsky

Title: Ill Form & Void Full

Publisher: Radius Books

Designer: David Chickey

Text: Laura Letinsky and Lynee Tillman

In Ill Form & Void Full, Laura Letinsky creates references to the table from existing photographs in home and lifestyle magazines, her old work, the art of friends and actual objects. Her process shows how ideas about the private sphere and their manifestation in our lives are predicated upon what has come before—that is, perception itself is a construct.

Ashley Gilbertson

Title: Bedrooms of The Fallen

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

Editor: Alan Thomas

Designer: Matt Avery

Text: Ashley Gilbertson and Philip Gourevitch

Photo Agency: VII Photo

For more than a decade, the U.S. has fought wars far from the public eye. In Bedrooms of the Fallen, photographer Ashley Gilbertson reminds us that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq also reach deep into homes far from the noise of battle, where family and friends bear their grief out of view. Left intact by families of the deceased, the 40 bedrooms of fallen soldiers depicted in Gilbertson’s book are a reminder of the human cost of war.

Ziv Koren

Title: Writing with Light

Publisher: Urban Gallery

Editor: Sigal Kashkash

Designer: Elinor Mizrahi

Text: Anne Wilkes Tucker

Writing with Light is a four-year project seeking the light in photography. Shot in 27 countries, containing 160 photographs and divided into two volumes, the book emulates the gallery-viewing experience for the audience. Writing with Light was printed in a limited edition of 600 units.


Daniel W. Coburn

Title: The Hereditary Estate

Publisher: Kehrer Verlag

Designers: Daniel W. Coburn and Tim Hossler

Text: Kirsten Pai Buick and Karen Irvine

Functioning as both a ten-year retrospective and as a conceptual work of art, Daniel W. Coburn’s work and research investigates the family photo album employed as the visual infrastructure for the flawed ideology of the American Dream. Frustrated by the lack of images that document the true and sometimes troubling nature of his own familial history, the photographer set out to create a new archive, a potent supplement to the broken family album that exists in the collection of many families.

Mario Algaze

Title: A Respect for Light: The Latin American Photographs/19-2008

Publisher: Glitterati Incorporated

Designer: Sarah Morgan Karp

Text: Vince Aletti and Mario Algaze

A Respect for Light is the magnum opus by Cuban-American photographer Mario Algaze. After being exiled from Cuba at 13, Algaze traveled extensively in Latin America, capturing its spirit through his lens and seeking a connection with his cultural roots. This book represents the full breadth of his work, culled from more than three decades of travel in 16 different countries.

Pieter Hugo

Title: Kin

Publisher: Aperture

Designer: Hans Seeger

Text: Ben Okri

Kin centers on Pieter Hugo’s family, community and self, photographed around his home of South Africa over the past decade. While Hugo has garnered acclaim for his work documenting political and social issues in African countries, writer John Mahoney characterizes Kin as the artist’s first major work to focus exclusively on his personal experience in a place defined by centuries of political, cultural and racial tensions and contradictions.

Ben Huff

Title: The Last Road North

Publisher: Kehrer Verlag

Designer: Maximiliane Hüls

Text: Karen Irvine and Barry Lopez

In this book, photographer Ben Huff travels Alaska’s 414-mile Dalton Highway, which follows the northern half of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. What he found on the northernmost road in America was a complex landscape—the physical and psychological line between wilderness and oil.


An-My Lê

Title: Events Ashore

Publisher: Aperture

Editor: Lesley A. Martin

Designer: Beverly Joel

Text: Geoff Dyer

In her second book, An-My Lê employs the large-format color negative to capture the sometimes surreal, often surprisingly beautiful vistas of the military at work. Events Ashore was born from Lê’s travels to study the military’s noncombat activities abroad, including humanitarian and scientific missions. Lê says she examines “the U.S. military on the global stage, across oceans and borders, as a symbol of conflict, an echo of the age of exploration and an unlikely (and unsung) force in the unfolding environmental crisis.”


Zun Lee

Title: Father Figure: Exploring Alternate Notions of Black Fatherhood

Publisher: ceiba

Editors: Candy Pilar Godoy and Eva-Marie Kunz

Designer: Eva-Marie Kunz

Text: Teju Cole and Trymaine Lee

Through intimate black-and-white frames, Zun Lee provides insight into often-overlooked aspects of African-descended family life. Since 2011, Lee has photographed the daily lives of black men parenting under a variety of circumstances—as married fathers, single fathers and social fathers; young and older, middle class and poorer. Lee brings into focus what pervasive father-absence stereotypes have distorted: the stories of real fathers who are involved in their children’s lives. Using his own biography as inspiration, Lee is able to access a complex subject matter with profound vulnerability and compassion.

Chris Hondros

Title: Testament

Publisher: PowerHouse Books

Editors: Francisco P. Bernasconi, Alexandra Ciric and Christina Piaia

Designer: Triboro

Text: Greg Campbell, Chris Hondros, Jonathan Klein and Régis Le Sommier

Photo Agency: Getty Images

Testament is a collection of photographs and writing by late photojournalist Chris Hondros, spanning almost two decades of coverage from most of the world’s conflicts since the late 1990s, including Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. In his writings—interspersed throughout the book—Hondros showed that he was determined to broaden the reader’s understanding of war and its consequences.

Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb

Title: Memory City

Publisher: Radius Books

Designer: David Chickey

Photographers Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb take an elegiac look at Rochester, New York, a city that was for 125 years the home of the now-bankrupt Eastman Kodak Company. Their images are a meditation on film, memory, time and the city itself. Shot in both digital and analog formats, in part with Alex Webb’s last rolls of Kodachrome, the photographs are joined by quotes from famous writers and thinkers who have been connected to Rochester.

Anastasia Taylor-Lind

Title: MAIDAN: Portraits from the Black Square

Publisher: GOST Books

Designer: GOST Books

Text: Gordon MacDonald and Anastasia Taylor-Lind

Anastasia Taylor-Lind’s monograph comprises 96 portraits of male antigovernment protestors and female mourners, made in a makeshift photographic studio in Kiev’s Independence Square during the Ukrainian revolution of February 2014. Taylor-Lind says, “It is clear to me that these two sets of images don’t make much sense without the other. They speak about different gender roles in conflict…. Men fight most wars. And women mourn them.”

Kacper Kowalski

Title: Side Effects

Publishers: Rafał Łochowski (Leica Gallery Warsaw) and Migavka

Project Curator: Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka

Designer: Edgar Bąk

Text: Maciej Kuźmicz

Photo Agency: Panos Pictures

Side Effects is a documentary photo project that explores the complicated relationship between humans and nature. Shot from a paraglider 500 feet above the ground, primarily in and around Gdynia, Poland, Kacper Kowalski seeks the answer to a central question: What is the natural environment of humans—an untouched, virgin landscape, or a landscape that has been changed and adapted to human needs?

Donald Weber and Arthur Bondar

Title: Barricade: The EuroMaidan Revolt

Publisher: Schilt Publishing

Designer: Victor Levie

Barricade is a joint effort between Donald Weber and Arthur Bondar, bringing a dual perspective to the 2014 Ukrainian revolution born in Independence Square in Kiev. Writer Larry Frolick says, “Barricade is a high-risk collaboration with the hundreds of brave men and women whose unquenchable thirst for change fuels hope for a new generation.”

Gerd Ludwig

Title: The Long Shadow of Chernobyl

Publisher: Edition Lammerhuber

Designers: Martin Ackerl, Lois Lammerhuber and Gerd Ludwig

Text: Svetlana Alexievich and Mikhail Gorbachev

National Geographic photographer Gerd Ludwig made nine visits into the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone over a period of 20 years. From the victims living with the emotional and physical aftermath, to the abandoned city of Pripyat, his book is a record of almost unbelievable suffering and desolation. It is, however, an emotive, thought-provoking and necessary testament to the world’s worst nuclear disaster to date.

Various photographers, by David Campany

Title: The Open Road: Photography and the American Road Trip

Publisher: Aperture

Editor: Denise Wolff

Designer: Atelier Dyakova

Text: David Campany

The Open Road is a survey book that presents the road trip—an enduring symbol in American culture—as photographer’s muse. Featuring such key figures as Robert Frank, Inge Morath, Ryan McGinley, Stephen Shore and Alec Soth, among many others, the book opens with a comprehensive introduction to the genre by David Campany, tracing the photographers on the move across the country, from the early 1900s to present day.

Jean-Pierre Laffont

Title: Photographer’s Paradise: Turbulent America 1960-1990

Publisher: Glitterati Incorporated

Editor: Eliane Laffont

Designer: Sarah Morgan Karp

Text: Sir Harold Evans

The first book by photojournalist Jean-Pierre Laffont, this collection of images serves as a powerful and provocative examination of the American Dream. Laffont traveled to all 50 states to document a broad swath of the country’s fabric, capturing America through some of its most turbulent eras.

LaToya Ruby Frazier

Title: The Notion of Family

Publisher: Aperture

Editor: Lesley A. Martin

Designer: Tiffany Malakooti

Text: Dawoud Bey, Dennis C. Dickerson, LaToya Ruby Frazier and Laura Wexler

In her first book, 2014 Guggenheim Fellow LaToya Ruby Frazier offers an incisive exploration of the legacy of racism and economic decline in America’s small towns, as embodied by her hometown of Braddock, Pennsylvania. The work also considers the impact of that decline on the community and on her family, with images of three generations—her grandma, her mother and herself—set against larger questions of civic belonging and responsibility.

Maija Tammi

Title: Leftover/Removals

Publisher: Kehrer Verlag

Designer: Ville Tietäväinen

Text: Maija Tammi

In Leftover/Removals, Maija Tammi examines the fear of sickness and the borders of beauty. The first half of the book, “Leftover,” is a series of used radiotherapy masks collected from three different Finnish hospitals, while the second half, “Removals,” shows malignant masses and disease-affected organs removed from the body a few minutes after surgical operations.

João Pina


Publishers: Blume (English and Spanish editions); Tinta da China (Portuguese edition)

Graphic Concept: João Pina and Pedro Serpa

Designer: Tinta da China

Text: Jon Lee Anderson, Verónica De Negri, Baltasar Garzón and João Pina

In 1975, six Latin American countries ruled by military dictatorships created Operation Condor, a secret military operation aimed at destroying the political opposition, resulting in an estimated 60,000 deaths. For almost a decade, João Pina traveled extensively through Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay to document what is left of the Condor years, to reconstruct some of the defining episodes of the operation’s history, and to pay tribute to the memory of its victims.

Michael Light

Title: Lake Las Vegas/Black Mountain

Publisher: Radius Books

Designer: David Chickey

Text: Lucy Lippard and Rebecca Solnit

In Michael Light’s third aerial survey published by Radius Books, the photographer focuses on Nevada, formerly the fastest-growing state in America until the 2008 recession. Light hovers intimately over the topography of two residential areas, both never fully realized and in disrepair: Lake Las Vegas, a lifestyle resort built around a former sewage swamp, and the nearby Black Mountain community, where a quarter-billion dollars was spent on moving earth that has lain dormant for the past six years.


Robin Schwartz

Title: Amelia and the Animals

Publisher: Aperture

Editor: Lesley A. Martin

Designer: Deb Wood

Text: Amelia Paul Forman and Donna Gustafson

Amelia and the Animals is Robin Schwartz’s second monograph documenting her daughter Amelia’s adventures among the animals. Amelia has been her mother’s muse since age three, and now, at 15, is an active participant in the creative process. The resulting photographs are more than documents of Amelia and her rapport with animals—they offer a meditation on the nature of interspecies communication and serve as evidence of a shared mother-daughter journey into fables they enact together.

Paolo Marchetti

Publications: 6MOIS, CNN Photos, The Guardian and L’Espresso

In his series “FEVER: The Awakening of European Fascism,” Paolo Marchetti explores fear as a political tool in an era of globalization, financial crises and racial intolerance in Europe. The first chapter in a larger body of research, the series looks into the brewing storm giving rise to far-right fascist ideology.

Graham MacIndoe

Publication: New York

Director of Photography: Jody Quon

Self-portraits of heroin addiction. “My Addiction, Through My Eyes” appeared in the February 24, 2014, issue of New York.

Jamey Stillings

“Changing Perspectives: Energy in the American West” is an aerial survey of utility-scale renewable-energy projects in the United States.

Dominic Nahr

Publication: TIME

Director of Photography: Kira Pollack

deputy director of photography: Paul Moakley

Dominic Nahr’s series is a critical but empathetic look at the aftermath of the nuclear fallout in Fukushima after an earthquake and tsunami damaged the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.

Marco Casino

Photo Agency: LUZ

In South African townships, Penny Penny Day is an annual celebration on November 5 that has roots in British tradition. Children and teenagers have developed their own customs by cross-dressing, carrying around a soda can and asking for a penny. Marco Casino took these photos in Katlehong, one of the largest townships in South Africa, and says most residents are unaware of the origins of Penny Penny Day and associate it with the gay rights movement.


Mark Peterson


Director of Photography: Amy Pereira

Associate Photo Editor: Olivia Kestin

Photo Agency: Redux Pictures

Mark Peterson’s photos from the 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland.

David Chancellor

Publications: The Sunday Times and TIME

“With Butterflies and Warriors” emphasizes the important role that local communities can play in protecting wildlife from poachers. David Chancellor documents a group of local communities in Kenya that have come together to safeguard the future of the animals they live alongside.

Dina Litovsky

Publication: The Cut, New York

Photo Editor: Emily Shornick

Photo Agency: Polaris Images

The 60th annual International Debutante Ball at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City.


Michael Robinson Chávez

Publication: Los Angeles Times

Photo Editor: Jeremiah Bogert

In “The Driest Seasons: California’s Dust Bowl,” Michael Robinson Chávez photographed California’s Central Valley, where the already impoverished farm region is in crisis because of the crippling drought that has dried up the land, residents’ homes and their businesses.

Meeri Koutaniemi

Publication: Helsingin Sanomat

Photo Agency: Echo Photo Agency

Female circumcision has been illegal in Kenya since 2001. But among some tribes, such as the Maasai people, it is still a valued tradition. Isina and Nasirian are 14-year-old sisters in a remote Maasai village in Kenya. They are circumcised and due to be married the following year.

Sebastiano Tomada

Photo Agency: Reportage by Getty Images

Publication: The New Republic

Rio de Janeiro’s Pacifying Police Unit (UPP)—tasked with re-establishing security within the city’s drug-trafficking-controlled favelas—stands at the center of the governor’s security strategy, with approximately 34 units now controlling more than 100 favelas, where hundreds of thousands reside. But in many favelas, such as Villa Allianca, the drug traffickers and criminals are not willing to step down or be “pacified” by the “Sweepers” patrolling the communities ahead of the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games.

Marko Djurica

Photo Agency: Reuters

Portraits of pro-Russian rebels in Donetsk, Ukraine.


Richard John Seymour

Photo Agency: INSTITUTE

Yiwu, a city in the Zhejiang province of China, hosts the largest small-commodity wholesale market in the world, known as China Commodity City. Thousands of stalls exhibit multiple and slight variations on a particular item.

John Moore

Publications: Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, TIME and The Wall Street Journal

Photo Agency: Getty Images

In the summer of 2014, Monrovia, Liberia, became the epicenter of the West African Ebola epidemic, the worst in history. Only a decade after a long civil war, Liberia’s fragile health system was unable to cope, and the president declared a state of emergency. By the year’s end, local and international health workers made progress in slowing the spread of the disease, but the outcome of the regional epidemic was far from certain.

Philip Montgomery

Publication: Bloomberg Businessweek

Director of Photography: Clinton Cargill

Photo Editor: Diana Suryakusuma

Scenes from the fallout of the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Michigan.

Jerome Sessini

Publication: TIME

Director of Photography: Kira Pollack

Deputy Director of Photography: Paul Moakley

Associate Photo Editor: Mikko Takkunen

Photo Agency: Magnum Photos

The remains of a passenger who was on board Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, shot down over eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014.

Mads Nissen

Photo Agencies: Scanpix and Panos Pictures

In Russia, the LGBT community is facing legal and social discrimination, harassment and violent attacks. In June 2013, “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations” was banned, making gay pride events and discussion of gay rights unlawful. Of his series, “Homophobia in Russia,” Mads Nissen says: “This is an attempt to understand what it’s like to live with forbidden love in modern Russia.”

Maxim Dondyuk

Publications: Bloomberg, Der Spiegel, Polka, Russian Reporter and TIME

Maxim Dondyuk covered the Euromaidan protests, which began on November 21, 2013, after the signing of the Ukraine-European Union Association Agreement was suspended. What began as peaceful demonstrations in Maidan Nezalezhnosti (“Independence Square”) led to a bloody Ukrainian revolution by February 2014.

Jan Grarup

Photo Agency: laif

“Central African Exodus,” photographed in February 2014, covers the widespread violence against civilians by warring Christian and Muslim vigilante groups in the Central African Republic. Tens of thousands took refuge in churches and airports while fewer than 2,000 French troops and 2,500 African peacekeepers attempted to prevent religious genocide.

Daniel Berehulak

Publication: The New York Times

Photo Agency: Reportage by Getty Images

The 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa rapidly became the deadliest occurrence of the disease since its discovery in 1976. The most recent epidemic that swept across West Africa has now killed more than all other known Ebola outbreaks combined, with more than 9,000 deaths and 23,000 confirmed cases.

Christopher Anderson

Publication: New York

Director of Photography: Jody Quon

Photo Agency: Magnum Photos

Intimate portraits of retiring baseball legend Derek Jeter’s world, originally shot for the book Jeter Unfiltered, published in New York’s September 22, 2014 issue.

Sean Reynolds/Swanson Studio

Agency: AKQA

Creative Director: Whitney Jenkins

Art Director: Kendall Henderson

Creative Producer: Eric Beard

Agency Producer: Rey Robles

Shot for Nike’s global soccer brand, this series shows the determination of an athlete to train when no one is looking.

Benjamin Lowy

Publication: Harper’s Magazine

Art director: Stacey D. Clarkson

A series of images from the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

Antonio Pedrosa

In Portugal, big game—such as deer and wild boar—are hunted with packs of dogs by wealthy and middle-class hunters. Some consider hunting a lifestyle and some hunt for sport. Titled “The Pose and the Prey,” these photos were made in popular and private hunting estates.

Pieter Hugo

Publication: New York

Director of Photography: Jody Quon

Photo Editors: Roxanne Behr and Marvin Orellana

For New York’s July 14, 2014 issue, Pieter Hugo photographed a group of Dominican teenagers scouted by Major League Baseball teams just before signing day. The teenagers, who often play full time for years in hand-me-down uniforms on dirt infields, are offered contracts worth millions of dollars.

Edoardo Delille and Gabriele Galimberti

Edoardo Delille and Gabriele Galimberti photographed fields, courts and pools from above Rio de Janeiro, where “sports are life and life is not a spectator sport.” In these spaces, which permeate the landscape of the city, distinctions in class, gender, race and religion are not of consequence.

Jacob Ehrbahn

Publication: Politiken

Photo Editor-in-Chief: Thomas Borberg

Ehrbahn followed twins Peder and Steen Mondrup as they trained for the August 2014 KMD Ironman in Copenhagen, which they completed in 15 hours, 42 minutes and 38 seconds. Both born prematurely, Steen is fully mobile while Peder suffers from spastic paralysis, requiring the use of a wheelchair. The brothers hope to help break down the fear of contact often found in the relations between the disabled and the able-bodied.

Guillermo Hernandez Martinez

“When in Texas” is a documentary series about the “almost mythical” celebration of high-school football in the Lone Star State. Guillermo Hernandez Martinez says Friday-night games are “much more than winning or losing; they are what keeps the social fabric of communities—big and small—tightly wound and ensures the ritual will be repeated for generations to come.”

M. Scott Mahaskey

Publication: Politico

Director of Photography: M. Scott Mahaskey

digital Editorial Director: Blake Hounshell

Now in its 115th year, the annual Army-Navy game between cadets of the United States Military Academy and midshipmen of the United States Naval Academy is a contest steeped in pageantry and tradition, but it’s also an opportunity for the elite students to showcase the strength and concentration that are key to the making of the country’s newest military officers.

Nick Laham

Publication: ESPN The Magazine

Senior Director of Photography: Karen Frank

deputy Photo Editor: Jim Surber

A set of images capturing the final games of Derek Jeter’s career as a New York Yankee.

Jonathan Knowles

Designer: Studio Bowden

Liquids is a self-promotional book mailed to clients and creatives.

Jimmy Williams

Art Directors: Dorothy Howard and Natalie Ogura

Retoucher: Kyle Peterson

“Dreamscapes” embraces the innocence and imagination of children at play. Jimmy Williams has used the series across various types of promotion, including direct mail, greeting cards and online ads.

Kerry Mansfield

Graphic shots of classic Fendi shoes for a postcard campaign.

Ackerman + Gruber

Jenn Ackerman and Tim Gruber mailed over 2,500 zines featuring work from “Blue Ribbon,” their personal project about county fairs in Minnesota, to creatives across the United States. A First Place ribbon accompanied each issue, customized for each recipient with his or her job title.

Danny Clinch


Designer: Dan Prakopcyk

Developer: aPhotoFolio

Danny Clinch’s personal website.


Alex Farnum

“Burbs,” a series about two girls living in suburbia outside of Los Angeles, was shot by Alex Farnum for his portfolio, a newspaper-style print piece and an email campaign.

Roth and Ramberg

Designer: Sue McGillivray

365 images of New York City shot during a 10-day visit, printed as a one-a-day tear-off calendar sent to clients and potential clients.

Spencer Lowell

Rep: Eye Forward, Inc

Power Hungry is a zine comprising images that explore energy cultivation, photographed over the years by Spencer Lowell. Lowell says, “I feel that it’s important to know where our energy comes from as a society, so I took this round of promos as an opportunity to shine some light on the subject.”

Julia Fullerton-Batten


Designer/Developer: Bite Digital

Julia Fullerton-Batten’s personal website.

Normand Robert

Art Directors: Eun Jung Lee and Normand Robert

For Normand Robert’s promotional project, “Pocket Stories,” the photographer seeks out art and creative directors interested in collaborating on visual pieces that share a cohesive black-and-white look. Each piece becomes the foundation for subsequent invitations.

Sasha Nialla

A series of images of multicultural ballet dancers from Dance Theatre of Harlem in New York City, used for direct mailers and email campaigns.

Mitch Tobias

This image, titled “Lady, You Look Like Your Flowers,” was used in print and email campaigns.

Mark Meyer


Designer/Developer: Mark Meyer

Mark Meyer’s ground-up redesign of his website, made to be consistent across desktop and mobile devices.

Susan A. Barnett

Designer: Pamela Hovland

A promotion for the release of the book T: A Typology of T-Shirts, which explores the freedom of speech demonstrated by the global T-shirt culture.

Steven Simko

Designer: Mike Warning

A package of five postcards featuring individuals from Steven Simko’s “Hollywood Locals” project, including a “Star Map” plotting approximate locations of their homes in Hollywood.

Sam Jones


Designer: Sam Jones

Developer: aPhotoFolio

Sam Jones’s personal website.

Hatnim Lee

The “Plexiglass” series was shot inside Hatnim Lee’s parents’ liquor store in Washington, D.C.

Floto + Warner

“Colourants” are floating sculptural events. The photographers call them “a momentary graffiti of air and space,” and in capturing them, they transform the ephemeral into the eternal.

Natan Dvir

Agency: Polaris Images

“Coming Soon” is about the ubiquitous branding of urban landscapes and how the city itself has become an advertising medium. Natan Dvir says, “People inhabiting the space underneath are pulled, unaware, into a staged set, as the reality of the street merges with the commercial fantasy of the advertisements.”

Toni Greaves

Toni Greaves’s ongoing series, “Radical Love”, about Sister Maria Teresa, who has lived a hidden life in a cloistered monastery since age 21 in order to focus on a higher calling. Now 28 years old, she will embark upon her Solemn Profession, marking her final commitment to God.

Ulysse & Darcoe

“FLEUR VIANDE” is a project born from the desire to create an esthetically pleasant visual through absurd alliances between raw organs and colorful flowers, giving life and meaning to new entities.

Nenad Saljic

Nenad Saljic says, “There are mountains, and then there’s the Matterhorn.” In his series “MATTERHORN—A Portrait of a Mountain,” Saljic photographs the mammoth peak, which began forming some 250 million years ago and extends across the border of Switzerland and Italy in the Alps mountain range.

Michael Friberg

A photo essay depicting the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ biannual General Conference weekend.

Jonathan Torgovnik

Photo Agency: Reportage by Getty Images

A special ballet program in the historically disadvantaged townships of South Africa keeps children off the crime-ridden streets and helps them build strong self-esteem. The children often practice their ballet routines in the living rooms of their homes or in their yards, as this is the only place they have space to practice.

Markku Lahdesmaki

Winter swimming in Finland.

Winky Lewis

Of her portraits of her young daughter, Winky Lewis says, “This tenth year is one of growth, fear, conflict, love and memories, and we’ve been recording it together.”

Steven Laxton

A series documenting a transgender cabaret in Bangkok.

Giovanni Cocco

Giovanni Cocco’s sister, Monia, was born with a traumatic brain injury. At age 44, she communicates with simple gestures and has long moments without words or actions. Cocco photographs her as a way to understand how she experiences the world.

Maxine Helfman

“Birmingham” explores the vulnerability of time and place.

David Tortora and Jaime Travezán

Originally inspired by the imagery of Tom Wesselmann’s paintings, the series “Galatea” plays with a hyper-real esthetic. The concept follows the story of the Greek mythological character Pygmalion, who fell in love with one of his sculptures, Galatea, which then came to life.

Kerry Mansfield

“Expired” is Kerry Mansfield’s ongoing series that explores the timeworn evidence of a disappearing communal experience found only in ex-library books.

Pixy Yijun Liao

In the ongoing project “Experimental Relationship,” Chinese photographer Pixy Yijun Liao photographs herself and her Japanese boyfriend, Moro, who is five years her junior. Liao creates different situations in each image, as she explores concepts of authority, power and role reversal.


Gregg Segal

In “7 Days of Garbage,” Gregg Segal photographs friends, family, neighbors and other acquaintances with seven days’ worth of their garbage so as to make the problem of trash difficult to ignore. Segal calls his project “instant archaeology” and “a record not only of our waste, but of our values.”

Sean J. Sprague

Since 2013, Sean J. Sprague has photographed a 100-mile area in the Great Plains region that is economically dependent on farming. Each of Sprague’s works are created from compositing thousands of images taken at each scene; they reflect the vastness of the region’s farming network, which raises and kills millions of pigs, is powered by the labor of thousands of immigrants and utilizes millions of pounds of antibiotics each year.

Michal Solarski and Tomasz Liboska

In “Cut It Short,” childhood friends Michal Solarski and Tomasz Liboska return to the small Polish town where they grew up together to reconstruct past events, photographing two models who play out moments from their lives. The series takes its name from the old tradition in Slavic cultures called postrzyżyny, when young boys have their hair cut for the first time to mark their coming of age.

Laurie Arends

In Laurie Arends’s series “Dance—Pas de Deux,” birds in flight echo the movement of dancers. Arends selects two birds for each image and sets the stage, removing all background elements to create intimate interactions.

Amy Friend

In the series “Dare alla Luce,” Amy Friend rephotographs and hand-manipulates vintage images found through both personal and anonymous sources. She shines light through holes she punches in each image, referencing the Italian phrase the series is named after, meaning “to bring to the light.” She says she aims to comment on the fragile quality of the photographic object, but also on the fragility of our lives and history.

Stacy L. Pearsall

After her own injury in 2007—suffered while serving as a military combat photographer in the Iraq War—Stacy L. Pearsall began the “Veterans Portrait Project.” What began as a tool for personal physical and mental recovery has become a project involving 3,000 subjects in 40 cities nationwide.


Michelle Siu

“Marlboro Boys” is a portrait series on Indonesia’s youngest smokers. Cheap cigarettes, ubiquitous advertising, a powerful lobby with tight political connections and lack of law enforcement fuels a national addiction in a country with one of the world’s highest rates of male smokers.

Adam Ferguson

Publication: National Geographic

Director of Photography: Sarah Leen

“The Dogs of War” explores the subculture of the U.S. Military Working Dogs program, the most extensive program of its kind for breeding and training combat dogs, training handlers and deploying the dog and handler teams internationally.

Adam Ferguson

In “Outposts,” Adam Ferguson photographs the young men who are stationed at isolated combat outposts in Afghanistan. Ferguson says, “More often than not, these young men are disillusioned and have trouble seeing how their local fight relates to the

larger…War on Terror.”

Danila Tkachenko

“Restricted Areas” is about man’s utopian endeavor for technological progress. Danila Tkachenko travels in search of places that once contributed to the advancement of technology, but are now abandoned. For Tkachenko, these locations represent a “perfect technocratic future that never came.”

Nancy Borowick

In Nancy Borowick's series, "The Final Days," she photographs the final two weeks of her mother's life. Borowick's parents were in treatment for cancer at the same time, and her mother passed away on the eve of the first anniversary of her father's death.

Jimmy Chin

Title: “Squarespace Presents: Alex Honnold”

Ad Agency: SpecialGuest

Production Company: RXR Sports

Creative Team: Dirk Collins, Jonathan Emmerling and Robert Frost


To showcase its completely redesigned interface, Squarespace collaborated with rock climber Alex Honnold to build the next generation of his personal website and create a new kind of template for its users. Squarespace enlisted director and photographer Jimmy Chin to capture still images and film a short documentary that shaped the campaign and informed Squarespace’s own design process by immersing them in Honnold’s world. Produced by RXR Sports in association with 1st Avenue Machine, Chin and his crew captured Honnold in his element—living out of his van, trekking through the valley and free-soloing the famed “Heaven” route.

Goh Iromoto

Title: “Pull”

Producer: Courtney Boyd

Editor: tom mountain jr.


“Pull” is a short documentary film about traversing the Northern Canadian landscape by dog sled.

David Emmite

Title: “Melvin the Birder”

Creative Team: Kelly Brickner, Sam Koji Hale, Heather B. Henson, IBEX Puppetry, Bradley Kemp, Spencer Lott, Nicholas Mahon, Katie McClenahan, H.D. Quinn and Emery Wells


A live-action puppet film about the quest of a lonely birder, Melvin, who is seeking an elusive woodpecker.

Gillian Laub

Title: “Alexis”

Creative Team: Christina Clusiau, Christine Ramage and Shaul Schwarz


At 203 lbs, 12-year-old Alexis struggled with hypothalamic obesity—a rare, irreversible condition caused by a benign brain tumor. She is one of the youngest children to undergo gastric bypass surgery. Through a crowdfunding campaign, Alexis and her family raised more than $78,000 to help cover the expenses.

Benjamin Lowy

Title: “The 2014 Wrestling World Championships”

Creative Team: Nate Katz


The 2014 Wrestling World Championships, held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Shiho Fukada

Title: “Japan’s Disposable Workers”

Client: Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

Creative Team: Joe Fuller, Eric Maierson, Arkasha Stevenson and Brian Storm


Once a birthright for the middle class, the 40-hour-a-week job with medical benefits and a pension is fading in Japan. Japan has gone through a painful transformation from a lifetime-employment system to one that readily discards unwanted labor. This project is about the lives of such disposable workers in Japan: temporary employees who live in Internet cafes, female college graduates who get by as bar girls and businessmen who, desperate to retain their jobs, sometimes work themselves to death.

Lisa Krantz

Title: “A Life Apart: The Toll of Obesity”


For years, Hector Garcia Jr. battled severe obesity and all its consequences: the pain, the ridicule and the lost hopes. San Antonio Express-News photographer Lisa Krantz chronicled his life over the past four years as he lost hundreds of pounds, then gained them back.

Toby Smith

Title: “Madagascar—A Treasured Island”

Creative Team: Unknown Fields


Isolated in the Indian Ocean for 88 million years, Madagascar has evolved into an unparalleled wonderland of the weird and unique, the diverse and unbelievable. A political coup in 2009 left the country isolated from the international community, deprived of foreign aid and conservation funding. Amid political uncertainty, the island’s fragile and unique ecology is being smuggled out illegally, boat by boat, gem by gem.

Eugene Richards

Title: “Red Ball of a Sun Slipping Down”


Eugene Richards went to the beautiful, sorrowful and racially divided Arkansas Delta in 1969, one year after the assassination of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He stayed for more than four years. In Red Ball of a Sun Slipping Down, black-and-white photographs made many years ago, but never published, are interwoven with recent color photographs and a short story that speaks of Richards’s relationship with an impoverished Delta family, as well as a growing awareness of his own aging and mortality.

Matt Black and Ed Kashi

Title: “California: Paradise Burning”

Creative Team: Sky Dylan-Robbins


On assignment for The New Yorker, photographers Matt Black and Ed Kashi spent time with farmers and shepherds in California’s Central Valley, documenting their ongoing struggles and the domino effect of the severe water shortages caused by California’s ongoing drought. As Dana Goodyear writes in the magazine article, for the farmers of the Central Valley, “the country’s fruit basket, salad bowl and dairy case,” the future seems especially bleak.

Mathias Svold and Petra Theibel Jacobsen

Title: “Congratulations, it’s a...”

Agency: Bombay Flying Club


Having kids is not an option for Maria. Instead, she acts out her motherhood through a “reborn doll,” a vinyl doll made to be as lifelike as possible. She documents her everyday life with her doll-child, Michelle, through a video diary.

Souvid Datta

School: University College London

For this series, Souvid Datta traveled around China to document the human cost of the country’s pollution, responsible for millions of deaths each year. As the Chinese government finally begins to take action, and $56 billion has been allocated to tackle the country’s air and water contamination, Datta calls for accountability and truth in how the government and population move forward.

Jorge Lopez Muñoz

School: L’Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny de València

Juan and Vicente are two 11-year-old Gypsy twins living with their brothers, mother and grandmother in a tiny apartment in “El Clot” (The Hole), an apartment block in Valencia’s historic El Cabanyal neighborhood which has been under threat of demolition for 15 years. Gypsy families have occupied and restored some of the empty apartments in El Clot, where they live in poverty and under threat from law enforcement. The plan for demolition has been suspended by the Constitutional Court of Spain.

Jiaxi Yang

School: International Center of Photography, New York City

An image from a series that challenges the line between sculpture and photography, exploring the sophistication of humble ingredients through a juxtaposition of Asian food and modern objects. Through lighting and placement, Jiaxi Yang dissociates each object from its function and creates ambiguous relationships between them.

Maroh Kim

School: School of Visual Arts, New York City

“The Wind Blows,” shot in New York City, relies on long exposures to remove sky and water for minimalist cityscapes devoid of human presence. Maroh Kim, both a foreigner and resident of the city, explores his dual perspective and his memories of the city through his lens.

Sean McDonald

School: Photography Studies College, Melbourne

Portrait of a young Melbourne woman.

Jordan P. H. Stein

School: Parsons The New School for Design, New York City

Shot in Mineola, New York, Jordan P. H. Stein’s series commemorates the swiftly deteriorating suburban landscape in the United States, where urban centers have begun growing at a faster rate than their suburban counterparts. Stein preserves Mineola’s details with a cinematic eye, photographing at night to capture conflicting feelings of solitude and belonging.

Alexandra Hootnick

School: Syracuse University

The average age of the American farmer is 58, a figure that increases each year. Many farmers have sold their property to larger farms or real estate developers in order to sustain a living. Yet affordable land in Madison County, New York, has helped draw a growing number of young Amish families to establish small family-run farms in the area. Many of the Amish are younger, first-time farmers, and have left larger Amish communities in Ohio, Missouri and Indiana, where farmland is often scarce and costly.

Karoliina Paatos

School: Aalto University, Helsinki

In this series, Karoliina Paatos explores what happens around the edges and behind the chutes in the gay rodeo counterculture. These images were taken between 2011 and 2015—the project is ongoing.

Sam Ivin

School: The University of South Wales, Newport

Sam Ivin’s ongoing documentary photography project, “Lingering Ghosts,” aims to provide insight into those who hope to find refuge in the United Kingdom, and raises questions about how the U.K.’s immigration system treats asylum seekers. Without refugee status, those who arrive are unable to fully contribute to and integrate into society and are left in a place where their futures are uncertain.

Joel Parés

School: The Art Institute of Dallas

Throughout his life, Joel Parés has witnessed people, including himself, judged by their appearance or ethnicity. This series attempts to positively impact the way people think and encourages people to think twice before judging one another.

Alicia Collins

School: Savannah College of Art and Design

For Alicia Collins, her mother is her home. With her eccentric upbringing on the road, “home” was never clearly defined. In this series, Collins dissects the structure of her family’s identity and the role of the matriarch who leads it as an attempt to understand their dysfunctional nature.

Matt Eich

School: Hartford Art School

A long-form examination of contemporary race and class disparities in the formerly segregated town of Greenwood, Mississippi. For the last four years, Matt Eich has spent more than 100 days examining the long-term ramifications of segregation and racism.

Djinane AlSuwayeh

School: Speos Photographic Institute, Paris

“Histoire Urbaines” is a series influenced by juxtapositions: The photographer was born in and is currently studying in Paris, a cultural and artistic hub, but was raised in Kuwait, considered to be a late-developing nation with a sleepy and stagnant fine-arts sector.

Hannah Cooper McCauley

School: Louisiana Tech University

The daughter of a Baptist minister, Hannah Cooper McCauley grew up believing in the possibility of miracles. While she was constantly moving across Mississippi and Alabama, the notion of transition steered her life, and today, she examines her new identity as lover, wife and potential mother. This ongoing body of work explores her relationship with the ephemeral, investigating her family history, mythology and the notion of memory as interpretation.

Gabriela De Jesus

School: Yale University

This series is a continuation of Gabriela De Jesus’s interest in photographing her family and childhood home. The intimate moments, real and imagined, speak to her background, kinship and the experience of childhood, but she says she hopes her photographs transcend her description and reflect a common experience.

Adam Reynolds

School: Indiana University, Bloomington

A series depicting Israel’s ubiquitous bomb shelters, built in all shapes and sizes. It is not unusual for bomb shelters to serve a dual purpose as dance studios, community centers, pubs, mosques and synagogues. Adam Reynolds documents these spaces to offer a window into the collective mindset of the Israeli people, and how they have normalized this “doomsday space” into their daily lives.

Deepanjan Mukhopadhyay

School: Louisiana Tech University

This series references the MacGuffin plot device, where a narrative moves forward—with little explanation—as the protagonist pursues a goal or desire. Layering multiple digital photographs, Deepanjan Mukhopadhyay investigates the tension between the real and unreal and creates characters seeking metaphysical answers about existence, truth and reality.


Alexey Furman

School: University of Missouri

Larisa, a 30-year-old citizen of Mykolaivka—a town near Sloviansk, Ukraine—sits in the hospital after her home was destroyed by mortar shelling. The Ukrainian army recaptured Sloviansk and nearby towns from pro-Russian rebels on July 5, 2014, after more than two months of artillery fire from both sides.

David Bowman

Photo Agency: National Geographic Creative

At the Minnesota State Fair, the largest state fair in the nation. This series was published by Spirit magazine; Room & Board sells prints.

Henrik Sorensen

photo Agency: Getty Images

Art Director: Lauren Catten

A track runner with a trail of red smoke billowing behind him.

Alexa Miller

photo Agency: Stocksy

Rep: i heart reps

Alexa Miller intentionally obscured her subjects’ faces, revealing the narrative through light, gestures and setting.

Thomas M. Barwick

Photo Agency: Getty Images

Art Director: Amy Lehfeldt

Producers: Brooke Amos and Maggie Smith

A day in the life of an organic farmer.

Jack Jeffries

photo Agency: Cavan Images

Jack Jeffries’s “Fight Club” series showcases aspiring young boxers from Newark, New Jersey.

Anuchit Kamsongmueang

photo Agency: Getty Images

Star trails at Mount Bromo, Indonesia.

Mads Perch

Photo Agency: Getty Images

Art Director: Gem Fletcher

A woman with a projection of space on her body.

David De Stefano

photo Agency: Offset

Stylist: Caroline Nault

An image from a series of still-life photos involving tea.

Stella Kalinina

photo Agency: Shestock

Creative Director: Karen Beard

This series on Stella Kalinina’s grandmother, who passed away seven years ago, is an effort to honor and better understand her life.

Shawna Gibbs

photo Agency: Gallery Stock

A fun, collaborative series between photographer Shawna Gibbs and her superhero-loving kids, shot solely on an iPhone.

Woods Wheatcroft

photo Agency: Tandem Stills + Motion

A twilight vortex created through long-exposure light painting in Alabama Hills, California.

Nick Dolding

photo Agency: Getty Images

Art Director: Guy Merrill

Cut-up portraits that mix and match different facial features.

Lisa Weatherbee

photo Agency: Cavan Images

Producer: Mitch Zachary

A series about a same-sex couple and their young daughter at home. Lisa Weatherbee aims to use stock photography as an agent of social change by creating imagery that redefines “everyday life.”

Michael Duva

photo Agency: Getty Images

A gelada baboon on black.