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THE MARTY FORSCHER FELLOWSHIP is sponsored by Parsons School of Design and PDN. The awards recognize one professional and one student who have made outstanding achievements in humanistic photography. The awards are given in memory of the sought-after camera-repair technician who helped equip Diane Arbus, Richard Avedon, Mary Ellen Mark, Joel Meyerowitz and many other photographers. Congratulations to professional award winner Amber Bracken, who will receive $4,000.

THE PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR AWARD honors an image-maker who has created an outstanding image or body of work that reflects the year in photography, selected by the editors and publisher of PDN. This is the inaugural year of the award. Congratulations to Mark Peterson, who will receive $10,000 and a page in an upcoming issue of PDN.

THE PDN PUBLISHER’S CHOICE AWARD recognizes exceptional and noteworthy work by a winner of the Photo Annual. Congratulations to this year’s recipient, Magnus Wennman, who will receive a $2,500 cash award.

The Sony Tastemaker Award honors a photographer who creates compelling commercial work and leads as an influencer in the photography industry. Congratulations to Art Streiber, who will receive a $1,500 cash prize.

Aaron Hewitt

Global Brand Design: Andy Alvarez

Producer: Katie Entler

Client: adidas

DeAndre Hopkins, wide receiver for the Houston Texans football team, fixes his hair during a portrait session for adidas.

Art Streiber

Director, Project Management/Brand Creative: Donna Tine

Client: Comedy Central

Rep: Stockland Martel

Actor Rob Lowe sits in a bedroom-style “photo booth” at the entrance to the pink carpet before his Comedy Central Roast in 2016.

Joan Allen

Art Director: Paolo Pepe

Client: Penguin Random House

A portrait of English author Anne Perry for her upcoming novel.

Bára Prášilová

Client: The National Theatre

A selection of the posters for The National Theatre in Prague, conceptualized with Prášilová’s signature style of gentle irony, fun and black humor.

David Bornfriend

Agency (poster only): InSync PLUS

Creative Directors (poster only): Jeff Wadley and Kishan Muthucumaru

Art Director (poster only): Steve Reeves

Client: A24

From a series of promotional stills and the poster for the movie Moonlight.

Chris Gordaneer

Ad Agency: The Discovery Agency

Art Director: Anand Gahlot

Client: Discovery Communications

Jeremy Wade, host of River Monsters, in a promotional image for the Animal Planet show.

Todd Antony

Creative Director: Nick Meikle

Art Director: Martin Duhovic

Clients: BBC Worldwide and Hartswood Films

This key image for the season four campaign of BBC’s Sherlock, which stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman as Sherlock Holmes and Watson, took visual inspiration from the work of photographer Gregory Crewdson.

Matthew Sprout

Client: La Ligne

Styling/Beauty: Valerie Boster, Molly Howard, Meredith Melling, Rie Omoto and Cecilia Romero

Rep: Exposure NY

Model Maye Musk is featured in this campaign for the direct-to-consumer clothing brand La Ligne.

Bela Borsodi

Publication: Refinery29

Senior Photo Editor: Florencia Rolandelli

Styling/Beauty: Anastasia Durasova, Kristian Kanika and Colleen Runné

Client: Lane Bryant

For Lane Bryant’s #ThisBody campaign, Refinery29 created a custom feature to ignite a conversation around real depictions of women’s bodies, using paint to guide the eye to parts of the body that are often ignored or considered flawed.

Benedict Evans

Ad Agency: Virture Worldwide

Creative Director: Vasili Gavre

Design Director: Adam Mignanelli

Art Director: Paul Raffaele

Client: Budweiser

A portrait of a subway dancer for the Budweiser “Respect the Hustle” billboard campaign that appeared in Brooklyn, New York.


Art Director: Isabelle Côté

Client: Montreal Metropolitan Orchestra

A portrait of Yannick Nézet-Séguin, the new director for the Montreal Metropolitan Orchestra.

Craig Cutler

Ad Agency: JWalk

Creative Director: Geoffrey Dunne

Director of Brand Management: Amy Hintz

Client: Viva XXXII Tequila

An image for the launch of Viva XXXII tequila.

Todd Antony

Ad Agency: Alpha Century

Creative Director Giles Smith

Art Director: Louis Tristram

Client: Nestlé

A summer campaign for UK brand Fab Ice Lollies, “A Sprinkle of Summer Fun.”

Andy Anderson

A shoot for YETI coolers, photographed at the Miles City Bucking Horse Sale in Miles City, Montana.

Jensen Granger

Producer: Jamie Herrmann

Client: GoPro

High above Palm Springs, California, for a campaign for the GoPro Karma drone.

Adrian Mesko

Publication: Refinery29

Senior Art Director: Ida Hariri

Set Design: Danielle Selig

Styling/Beauty: Sue Choi, Holly Gowers, Yukie Miyakawa and Takuya Sugawara

Client: H&M

Rep: De facto

Albino rights activist Diandra Forrest, from a custom feature by Refinery29 and H&M that celebrates the new age of femininity and what it means to be a woman today.

Wilson Hennessy

Ad Agency: Innocean Worldwide

Creative Directors: Chris Kirk and Andy Wyton

Client: Hyundai

Reps: Held & Associates and Horton-Stephens

A print of a metal feather to represent the weight and strength of Hyundai cars.

Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari

Publication: The New York Times Magazine

Director of Photography: Kathy Ryan

Design Director: Gail Bichler

Associate Photo Editor: Christine Walsh

A crew works on a reproduction of Michelangelo’s David in Carrara, Italy.

Ami Vitale

Publication: National Geographic

Director of Photography: Sarah Leen

Senior Photo Editor: Sadie Quarrier

Pandas, once dangerously close to extinction, are being sent back to the wild. Following China’s massive captive-breeding program, this series shows the next step in the attempt to save the country’s “most famous ambassador.”

Dan Winters

Publication: New York

Director of Photography: Jody Quon

Photographs of President Barack Obama from an issue devoted to the eight years of his presidency.

Adam Voorhes

Publication: WIRED

An outtake of Scotch Tape for WIRED’s “What’s Inside” page.

Miller Mobley

Publication: The Hollywood Reporter

Director of Photography: Jennifer Laski

Deputy Director of Photography: Carrie Smith

Photo Editor: Michelle Stark

A portrait of actor and director Mel Gibson for the magazine’s annual Director Roundtable feature.

Jack Davison

Publication: The New York Times Magazine

Director of Photography: Kathy Ryan

Design Director: Gail Bichler

Photo Editor: Christine Walsh

“L.A. Noir” features the year’s best actors—including Ruth Negga, Emma Stone, Taraji P. Henson and Denzel Washington—channeling classic film-noir looks and scenarios.

Jamie Chung

Publication: Esquire

Creative Director: Anton Ioukhnovets

Photo Editor: Stacey Pittman

Stylist: Alex Brannian

A still-life image from a story about Tom Manning, who, in 2016, became the first American man to receive a penile transplant.

Barbara Kruger and Mark Peterson

Publication: New York

Director of Photography: Jody Quon

Photo Editor: Marvin Orellana

Conceptual artist and collagist Barbara Kruger created this piece with a Mark Peterson photograph of Donald Trump from the 2016 campaign trail.

Philip Montgomery

Publication: Bloomberg Markets

Director of Photography: Clinton Cargill

Creative Director: Rob Vargas

Art Director: Josef Reyes

Photo Editor: Donna Cohen

A portrait of GTS traders at the New York Stock Exchange in Manhattan.

Brian Finke


Producer: Sarah Kalagvano

Coverage from the 2016 Ms. Senior America Pageant, held in Atlantic City in October 2016. All contestants were women between the ages of 60 and 90.

Andrea Frazzetta

Publication: The New York Times Magazine

Director of Photography: Kathy Ryan

Design Director: Gail Bichler

Associate Photo Editor: Stacey Baker

A body of work from Ethiopia’s Danakil Depression, part of “The Voyages Issue: Visual Journeys from Six Photographers.”

Bryan Derballa

Publication: Harper’s Bazaar Japan

Features Director: Keiko Niiyama

Contributing Editor: Makiko Monji

A portrait of artist and curator Petra Collins in Brooklyn, New York.

Norman Jean Roy

Publication: New York

Director of Photography: Jody Quon

Senior Photo Editor: Roxanne Behr

Actor Winona Ryder, star of Netflix’s Stranger Things, is profiled in the 2016 Fall Fashion Issue.

Benjamin Lowy

Publication: New York

Director of Photography: Jody Quon

Photo Editor: Sofia de Guzman

Photo Agency: Reportage by Getty Images

A portrait of a young girl holding a Hillary Clinton action figure at an Ohio rally in October 2016.

Christopher Anderson

Publication: The New York Times Magazine

Director of Photography: Kathy Ryan

Design Director: Gail Bichler

Associate Photo Editor: Amy Kellner

A portrait of artist Chuck Close for the feature “The Mysterious Metamorphosis of Chuck Close,” which reports on the changes the legendary artist has made to his portraiture style and his personal life.

Elinor Carucci

Publication: TIME

Director of Photography: Kira Pollack

Senior Producer: Tara Johnson

A series about Evan’s journey of becoming a father as a transgender man for the feature “My Brother’s Pregnancy and the Making of a New American Family.”

Joe Pugliese

Publication: People

Director of Photography: Catriona Ni Aolain

Creative Director: Andrea Dunham

A portrait of Hillary Clinton, from a shoot with her and running mate Tim Kaine for the feature “She’s the Boss.”

Gillian Laub

Publication: Refinery29

Director of Photography: Toby Kaufmann

Photo Editor: Lilac Perez

Body-positive activist Caxmee Brutus on the Coney Island boardwalk in Brooklyn. Caxmee, whose leg was amputated during cancer treatment, was photographed for “Take Back the Beach,” featuring differently abled women at the beach.

Lynsey Addario

Publication: TIME

Director of Photography: Kira Pollack

International Photo Editor: Alice Gabriner

More than 1,000 Syrian refugees gave birth in Greece in 2016; for this feature, TIME followed four of them. They are mothers to children of no nation, who were conceived in war and gestated in flight.

Peter Bohler

Publication: Travel + Leisure

Director of Photography: Scott Hall

Photo Editor: Alex Arnold

The Naxi Impression Show in Lijiang, China, celebrates the culture of the Naxi, Yi and Bai people. Photographed as part of a travel story on Yunnan Province, a remote, wild and culturally diverse part of China.

William Widmer

Publication: Terra Mater

Director of Photography: Isabella Russ

Mark O’Brien, a third-generation shrimp fisherman based in Dulac, Louisiana, photographed for a feature story on the dangers of the inshore shrimping industry in the Gulf of Mexico.

Pari Dukovic

Publication: Condé Nast Traveler

Director of Photography: Jennifer Miller

Creative Director: Yolanda Edwards

This destination cover story on Venice, Italy, was shot during a rainy week in August, “revealing a city both timeless and oddly seasonless.”

Nadav Kander

Publication: TIME

Director of Photography: Kira Pollack

Deputy Director of Photography: Paul Moakley

President-elect Donald Trump photographed at his penthouse on the 66th floor of Trump Tower in New York City on November 28, 2016.

Rebecca Smeyne

Publication: The New York Times

Director of Photography: Michele McNally

Photo Editor: Elizabeth Bristow

Kanye West in a quiet moment, surrounded by Kim Kardashian-West, Steven Klein, Kris Jenner and Olivier Rousteing at Balmain’s Met Gala after party at the Gilded Lily in New York City in May 2016.

Thomas Prior

Publication: Bloomberg Businessweek

Director of Photography: Clinton Cargill

For this story, Prior had exclusive access to Triple Crown winner American Pharoah at his new home on the stud farm.

Jonathan Bachman

Photo Agency: Reuters

Publications:, Newsweek, The New York Times,,, and others

Activist Ieshia Evans stands her ground while offering her hands for arrest as she is charged by riot police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Protests against police brutality followed the shooting of Alton Sterling, a black man and father of five, who was held down by two white police officers and shot at close range.

Sebastiano Tomada

Photo Agency: Reportage by Getty Images

Children roam the streets in Qayyarah, Iraq, near the fire and smoke billowing from oil wells set ablaze by Islamic State militants.

Ryan Garza

Publication: Detroit Free Press

Director of Photography: Kathy Kieliszewski

“Don’t Forget About Flint” is an often-heard sentiment in Flint, Michigan. Three years after the city’s crisis over lead-poisoned water, many residents still use cases of bottled water to cook with, bathe in and drink. Garza says his series is meant “to remind the rest of the world that their experiences, their lives, matter.”

Taro Karibe

Photo Agency: Getty Images

Publications:: and

A series about 61-year-old Tokyo resident Senji Nakajima, who lives with Saori, his life-sized love doll. Karibe notes that the trend for intimate relationships with silicone dolls has been rising across Japan.

Paula Bronstein

Publication: TIME LightBox

Support: Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

After 15 years of U.S. engagement and billions of dollars spent by the international community, Afghanistan has seen little improvement in terms of overall stability. Civilians are at greater risk today than at any time since Taliban rule, and as security deteriorates in large swaths of the country, humanitarian response is further complicated.

Ketevan Kardava

Photo Agency: ZUMA Press

Director of Photography: Scott McKiernan

Creative Team: Mark Avery, James K. Colton, Julie Rogers, Ruaridh Stewart and Shalan Stewart

Publications:,, and others

Two women, bloody and covered in debris, immediately after the explosions at the Brussels airport in March 2016.

Phil Hatcher-Moore

A series that examines the effects of the nuclear arms race on today’s residents of the Kazakh Steppe, where Cold War-era nuclear tests were conducted in secret. Though the area was considered largely unpopulated, villagers recall flashes of light and shaking earth. Children were later born with crippling deformities.

Daniel Månsson

Publication: The Economist 1843

Photo Editor: Melanie Grant

Cowboys from the Meling family live and work at the 100-year-old ranch their ancestors founded in the inland of Baja California, Mexico.

Niels Ackermann

Photo Agency: Lundi13

Publications:,, and others

What happened to the Lenin statue that fell in the very center of Kiev in the early days of the 2014 Maidan Revolution? In “Looking for Lenin,” Ackermann and journalist Sébastien Gobert search for the first of many statues brought down during the viral movement Leninopad, discovering dozens of other fallen idols and their pieces while on their quest.

Timo Lieber

Publications: and

Lieber worked alongside several scientists while photographing “THAW,” which documents the rapidly growing number of blue lakes and rivers forming on the Greenland ice sheet—one of the most inaccessible areas on earth.

Marcus Yam

Publication: Los Angeles Times

Director of Photography: Calvin Hom

Senior Photo Editor: Robert St. John

“A State Ablaze” documents California’s most recent fire season, in which the state’s drought-parched landscape withered under record temperatures as nearly 7,000 wildfires burned within just under half-a-million acres of land.

Jonathan Kingston

Photo Agency: National Geographic Creative

Publication: National Geographic Proof

Director of Editing: Stacy Gold

Photography Producer, Digital: Jeanne Modderman

Associate Photo Editor: Mallory Benedict

Young Crow Indians team up with National Geographic photographers to explore the roots of their community.

T.J. Kirkpatrick

Photo Agency: Redux Pictures

Publication: The Wall Street Journal

Director of Photography: Lucy Gilmour

Deputy Director of Photography: Elissa Curtis

Visual News Editor: Tracy Armstead

Jerry Emmett, a 102-year-old honorary delegate from Prescott, Arizona, shows off her Hillary pin as she arrives for the start of the 2016 Democratic National Convention. Emmett was born before women gained the right to vote and was excited to witness the Democratic party nominate a woman for president.

Amber Bracken

Publications: Buzzfeed News, and others

A series about the members of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and their allies, who camped for nearly a year in opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline crossing their territory and their water supply. Though on its face the issue is the pipeline, the conflict is steeped in generations of violent history with the American government.

Gabriele Micalizzi

Publications: and

Micalizzi’s series is the result of five months spent on the front lines in Sirte, Libya, where the U.S.-backed forces of the Government of National Accord (GNA) fight to recapture the city from the Islamic State. Micalizzi calls the series “Dogma” after the “arrogant” name IS gives to its car bombs. He explains: “Every belief system is based on infallibility, and in the complete failure of the secular Arab Spring, what could be more fitting than a Toyota filled with TNT to erase any doubt?”

Mathieu Willcocks

A series about the central Mediterranean migration route, between Libya and Italy’s coasts, which saw more than 173,000 people arriving on Italian soil in 2016, with the dead or missing reaching 4,500. War, persecution, political instability and poverty in Africa continue to push people to undertake this dangerous journey.

Paolo Marchetti

Photo Agency: Reportage by Getty Images

Marchetti exposes the price of vanity in “The Sacrifice,” bringing awareness to the ruthless high-volume business of animal skins within the luxury fashion industry. This chapter features a mink-breeding farm in Poland. He has also photographed the breeding of crocodiles in Colombia and ostriches in Thailand.

Benoit Bou

Photo Agencies: Belga, ZUMA Press

Director of Photography: Scott McKiernan

Creative Team: Mark Avery, James K. Colton, Julie Rogers, Ruaridh Stewart and Shalan Stewart

Female giant panda Hao Hao shows off her newborn baby at the Pairi Daiza animal park in Brugelette, Belgium, three months after Chinese experts artificially inseminated the panda.

Goh Iromoto

Client: Ontario Travel

On a cool morning on Cranberry Lake in Ontario, Iromoto photographed this canoe paddling through the rising mist as part of his film project The Canoe.

Ken Hermann

Art Director: Gemma Fletcher

Bökh is a lesser-known form of wrestling practiced by a small group of men in Inner Mongolia. “We were particularly interested in how it governed status for young men within the community as well as defining manliness,” Hermann says.

Julien Grimard

A series that captures freestyle mountain biker Matt Macduff attempting the Loop Of Doom, his subsequent crash and injuries.

Stefan Wermuth

Photo Agency: Reuters

A synchronized swimmer from Russia competes at the Maria Lenk Aquatics Centre in Brazil during the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

Elias Joidos

A young man appears to fly as he dives into the Aegean Sea at Mylopotamos Beach in Pelion, Greece.

Jimmy Chin

For this shoot, Chin accompanied Felipe Camargo while he climbed the Getu Arch in China.

Dan Root

Creative Team: Jason Berry, Jeremy Darlow, Christian Laursen and Drew Gilges

Client: adidas Football US

Rep: Deborah Ayerst Artists’ Agent

A Florida seven-on-seven football tournament shot for adidas’ social media channels. “Once a high school off-season exercise,” Root says, “it has now blossomed into full-scale local and national competitions.”

David Burnett

Photo Agency: IOC Contact Press Images

From Burnett’s coverage of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

Joel Marklund

Photo Agency: Bildbyrån

Astier Nicolas of France rides his horse, Piaf de B’Neville, in the equestrian individual cross-country competition during the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

Chris Burkard

Rep: Massif Management

“It’s always been my desire to surf in some of the most remote stretches of the world,” Burkard says. Based in Pismo Beach, California, he traveled to the remote Lofoten Islands off the coast of Norway for this shoot.

Joe Pugliese

Publication: ESPN The Magazine

Director of Photography: Karen Frank

Senior Deputy Photo Editor: Nancy Weisman

Pugliese shot this portrait of motocross champion Ryan Dungey for ESPN The Magazine’s The Body Issue.

Taehoon Kim

Dylan Michael Sage holds onto Sam Cross during a rugby match between South Africa and Wales at the HSBC Canada Sevens in Vancouver on March 13, 2016.

Andrew Hetherington


Developer: PhotoFolio

The website for New York City-based portrait and documentary photographer Andrew Hetherington.

Josh Dickinson

A graphic image featuring Michelangelo’s David, used for email marketing and in mini print portfolio mailers.

John Lawton

“Objectified!” is a print mailer featuring fashion and cosmetic still-life photography.

Andreas Jakwerth


Designer: Valence

Developer: able2create

The website for Vienna-based portrait and reportage photographer Andreas Jakwerth.

Joe Pugliese


Designer/Developer: East of Western

The website for Los Angeles-based photographer Joe Pugliese showcasing his celebrity and editorial portraiture.

Dan Saelinger


Designer: Dan Saelinger

Developer: PhotoFolio

The website for Portland, Oregon-based photographer Dan Saelinger, highlighting his commercial, still-life and portrait photography.

Misty Keasler

Designer: Brian Gibb

Photo Agency: Redux Pictures

Each promo, mailed in October 2016, features portraits of actors from haunted houses and a set of plastic vampire fangs—the text reads “Hope You Bite.”

Joseph Desler Costa


Designer: Joseph Desler Costa

Developer: PhotoFolio

The website for photographer, filmmaker and video installation artist Joseph Desler Costa, who splits his time between New York City and Pisa, Italy.

Cedric Angeles


Designer: Cedric Angeles

Developer: PhotoFolio

The promotional website for Cedric Angeles, an editorial and commercial photographer and filmmaker based in New York City.

Mark Peterman

Sports, travel and portrait photographer Mark Peterman created this print promotion to feature his equine portraits and the daily activities of equestrians.

Thomas Chadwick

Creative Team: ETC Creative, Zimmer Design

“The Boxer” is a large-scale printed promo illustrating a day in the life of boxer Dimar Ortuz, featuring both environmental scenes and heroic sports shots.

Dylan Coulter


Designer: Dylan Coulter

Developer: PhotoFolio

The website for New York City-based photographer Dylan Coulter featuring his portrait, sports, advertising and editorial work.

Sam Kaplan


Designer: Laura Kaplan

Developer: PhotoFolio

The website for New York City-based photographer Sam Kaplan, featuring his still-life, food and commercial work.

The Voorhes


Designer: The Voorhes

Developer: PhotoFolio

The website promoting the still-life and commercial work of The Voorhes, a studio based in Austin, Texas, run by photographer Adam Voorhes and producer/stylist Robin Finlay.

Mustafah Abdulaziz

Support: Google, Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, United Nations, VSCO, Water Aid and WWF

“Water” is a 15-year project, slated to finish in 2026, that examines our complex relationship with water. Abdulaziz points to the hundreds of millions who lack access to safe drinking water, the irreparable impact of industry on bodies of water and the rising sea levels that threaten to cause global upheaval. He says: “As seen from a global standpoint, water is present in all aspects of human development, and the pressure we as human beings place on the environment is forcing water toward a crisis.”

Kiliii Yuyan

Yuyan worked alongside an Iñupiat whaling crew in Alaska for two years to photograph this series. Though raised in America, Yuyan is a Russian-born descendant of an indigenous people in Siberia. He seeks to reclaim his heritage, “stripped away in a generation by communism, war and stigma.” These images, he says, are an exploration of ilitqusiat—that which makes strangers into family.

Jarren Vink

From a collection of graphic black-and-white images featuring various dental hygiene tools.

Christelle Boulé

“The Drops” is a visual representation of the act of smelling perfume, which Boulé calls an “evocative” and “intimate” experience. The images are made by dropping perfume onto color photo paper, then exposing the dried paper to light and plunging it into developer solution—the image of fragrance revealed.

Antonio Gibotta

Photo Agency: Agency Controluce

A series about an annual festival in Alicante, Spain, where two groups simulate a coup and counter rebellion. The teams fight their battle with flour, water, eggs and colored smoke bombs.

Patty Maher

A staged series about grief as well as an act of personal alchemy, referencing the loss of Maher’s mother to cancer. “The essence of this experience has been transmuted into an anonymous photographic essay,” she explains. “It takes as its primary themes the discretion, inwardness, isolation and silence of a journey that is both personal and universal.”

Chris Burkard

Rep: Massif Management

Burkard’s ode to Icelandic rivers, the result of a ten-year infatuation. Two years ago, he found a focus for the work after discovering his subjects could be marred by a proposed hydroelectric dam project. He hopes his photographs will encourage the preservation of these “fragile” rivers.

Glenna Gordon

Support: Festival Photo Reporter

Gordon attended dozens of Indonesian funerals to understand alternative interpretations of death and dying. In Indonesia, death is not viewed as the end of life but as the beginning of the afterlife.

Carey Kirkella

Behind-the-scenes portraits of models—each a breast cancer survivor—who walked in Exposed, a New York Fashion Week show by AnaOno Intimates and Cancerland.

Mahesh Shantaram

Shantaram’s series began in light of the growing number of attacks on black African students living and studying in India. Shantaram spent several months traveling across the country to meet African expats and “extend a hand of friendship.” He shoots the series at night to suggest a sense of security in a vulnerable time.

Stephanie Gengotti

Gengotti’s project follows the lives of the European extended family that makes up The Brunette Bros., “the second smallest circus in the world.” Gengotti says of the circus: “Perhaps there is nothing more anachronistic. A legacy of a past millennium, kept alive in microcosms on the fringe of reality in many of the forgotten European States.”

Ángel Armero

“Siesta!” reflects the tradition of the day nap in South East Asia, where, as Armero explains, it’s not frowned upon to take a break from work to rest.

Larry Louie

From a series on the workings of one of the oldest jute mills in Kolkata, one of many established by the English in the 1880s. The jute industry, Louie explains, was brought to the area as an economic stimulus measure to prevent further revolt against the British Empire.

Piotr Naskrecki

For the last few years Naskrecki has been documenting the lesser-known animals of Africa, which receive little attention due to their small size or elusive lifestyle. Images in this series were taken in Mozambique, “one of the least explored countries on the continent, biologically and photographically.”

Mark McCarty

“Cara Mia” is an ongoing series of iPhone photos of McCarty’s wife. He says: “I love the innocence of the phone, and the way it renders its subjects in an impressionistic way.”

Tyler Gray

“Blue Collar” is an ongoing series that depicts the harsh beauty and big potential of the North American towns that never quite recovered from the 2009 financial crisis that decimated the manufacturing industry.

Michele Palazzo

New York City’s iconic Flatiron Building emerges from a blizzard like the bow of a giant ship plowing through the wind and the snow. Taken during Winter Storm Jonas in 2016.

Thomas Prior

“Bomba” captures the “testosterone-fueled” commemoration of a 400-year-old battle in the Mexican town San Juan de la Vega. Every February, hundreds of local men strap homemade explosives to sledgehammers and slam them on steel railings, creating what Prior calls “the chaotic beauty of ritualistic bravado.”

Sasha Maslov

The “Veterans Project” is a series of portraits photographed with the goal to assemble a mosaic of people who engaged in World War II, which Maslov notes is incomparable in its scale of human tragedy and degree of impact on civilization.

Reuben Wu

In “Lux Noctis” Wu is influenced by traditional landscape photography, planetary exploration, 19th-century sublime Romantic painting and science fiction. He reimagines his scenes as “undiscovered landscapes that renew our perceptions of our world.”

Ragnar Th. Sigurðsson

Photo Agency: Getty Images

Editor: William Bon

An aerial view of a bonfire in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Molly Cranna, Alexandra Gavillet and Lula Hyers

Publication: Refinery29

Director of Photography: Toby Kaufmann

Executive Creative Director: Piera Gelardi

Photo Editor: Lilac Perez

Senior Photo Research Editor: Lorenna Gomez-Sanchez

Photo Agency: Getty Images

The 67% Project is a body-positive initiative by Refinery29, in partnership with Getty Images, to reposition how women are photographically represented in media and stock imagery.

Brandon Harman

Photo Agency: Cavan Images

A shot from Harman’s explorations of Big Sur, California.

Gregory Reid

Photo Agency: Gallery Stock

Creative Director: Jen Fox Freeman

Floral Designer: Nicolette Owen

Graphic red florals on a red background.

Adam Weiss

Photo Agency: Cavan Images

From a series of portraits that rely on natural light.

Kelvin Murray

Photo Agency: Getty Images

Art Director: Gem Fletcher

A conceptual image showing how virtual reality can open new horizons.

April Kraus

Photo Agency: Cavan Images

A ballerina prepares for her performance in The Nutcracker Suite.

Tara Moore

Photo Agency: Getty Images

From a series of vibrant multimedia collage portraits.

Matthew Roharik

Photo Agency: Getty Images

Prop Stylist: Jessica Stewart

A conceptual still life, “Sultry Succulents.”

Tony Anderson

Photo Agency: Getty Images

Art Director: Beth Wachtel-Lipke

A cowgirl and her dog pose on the back of a pickup truck.

Marcus Palmqvist

Photo Agency: Getty Images

Art Director: Gem Fletcher

“Impossible Balance” tricks the eye with seemingly impossible moves by Swedish dancers caught in camera.

Robyn Breen Shinn

Photo Agency: The Good Brigade/Offset

A portrait of a young girl by the water.

Andrew Hetherington

Title: “Keep America Safe—Ban Toddlers”


Agency: McCann New York

Creative Team: Jeremy Adirim, Sean Bryan, Sean Flanigan, Aaron Kovan, Kelly Kim, Sarah Menacho, Thomas Murphy, Trinh Pham, Kelly Ramsey, Tim Soter, Mel Senecal, Daniela Vojta, Susan Young

Production: Goldteeth & Co.

Post-Production: Whitehouse Post

VFX and Graphics: Method Studios

Client: Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

This PSA states: “Last year toddlers shot and killed more Americans than terrorists. If we really want to keep America safe, let’s pass common sense gun laws. Or start thinking of other options—like getting rid of toddlers.”

Zackary Canepari

Title: “Claressa”

URL: vimeo.com179390164

Producers: Drea Cooper, Christopher Gary, Christopher Isenberg and Sue Jaye Johnson

Cinematography: Jessica Dimmock, Sue Jaye Johnson, Sophia Rose and Mo Scarpelli

Editor: Carter Gunn

After Claressa Shields became the first woman to win the gold medal in Olympic boxing, she returned home to Flint, Michigan, with no sponsorships or endorsements. This short film, a follow-up to the feature documentary T-Rex, follows Claressa three years after the Olympics when she faces a crossroads in her career.

Almudena Toral and Ricardo Weibezahn

Title: “Crimes on Cruise Ships: Impunity on the High Seas”

URL: vimeo.com166880721

Publication: Univision Noticas

Reporter: Patricia Clarembaux

Sexual assaults are the most common crimes aboard cruise ships. Alyssa is one of hundreds of victims raped and sexually assaulted while on board. They desperately seek justice, but in many cases it never arrives. For this video, visual journalist Almudena Toral worked with motion graphic designer Ricardo Weibezahn to keep their subjects anonymous.

Emily Kassie

Title: “The 21st Century Goldrush”


Publication: Huffington Post Highline

Reporting: Emily Kassie and Malia Politzer<

Editors: Rachel Morris and Greg Veis

Design/Development: Gladeye

Music: Benjamin Kutner

The biggest refugee crisis in recorded history has engulfed continents, swung elections and fueled the rise of nativism. It has also made a lot of people very, very rich. These are the stories of the people who have figured out how to profit from global instability and human suffering.

Shawn Corrigan and Steve Boyle

Title: “Grubby’s Last Stand”


Client: AARP

A short film about Carol, known as “Grubby” to her teammates, who became a starting middle linebacker after just two weeks of practice in 2001, when women’s tackle football was in its infancy. Nine seasons, hundreds of tackles and one brief retirement later, she’s back for one final season with the Firebirds.

Christian Bobst and Florian Mebes

Title: “The Prostitutes and the Priest”

URL: vimeo.com198707337

Music: Federico Bettini (Jingle Jungle Sound Studios)

This film tells the story of women and girls in Namibia, who sell their bodies in order to survive, and the priest, Father Hermann Klein-Hipass, who has made it his personal mission to help them.

Amy Pereira

Title: “Continental Drift: The Global Migrant Crisis”


Producer: Shannon Simon

An ambitious, year-long series made in partnership with and Magnum Photos that examines the worst migrant crisis in human history. Photographed by ten renowned photographers, each story reveals the regional displacement, exile, conflict, persecution and struggle of this global crisis.

Jenna Close and Jon Held

Title: “Buck the Cubicle: Ice Music”

URL: vimeo.com160625697

Production: P2

A film about Tim Linhart, founder of Ice Music, based in Luleå, Sweden. Ice Music presents a winter concert series in a variety of music styles, all played on instruments made of ice and performed in a specially designed igloo. “Buck the Cubicle” is a series featuring people who get out, get dirty and find inspiration in all manner of offbeat occupations.

Mark Zibert

Title: “VS Anthem”

URL: vimeo.com187209770

Ad Agency: Cossette

Production: Skin & Bones Film Co.

Director of Photography: Jackson Parrell

Editor: Marka Rankovic

Client: SickKids

The “VS Anthem” uses epic metaphors to depict the battles that go on every day at The Hospital for Sick Children. All of the children in the video are currently being treated at SickKids or have been patients at the hospital.

Benjamin Chesterton

Title: “Payback”

URL: vimeo.com198196572

Production: duckrabbit

Executive Producer: Peter Rudge

Videographers: Benjamin Chesterton and Chris Keenan

Assistant Producers: Lynda Laird and Oliver Sharpe

Client: Extreme Dialogue

A film about Adam Deen, who joined the Islamist extremist organization al-Muhajiroun while at university in London and rose to become one of its senior members. “Payback” was produced in the UK as a part of a project to get young people thinking about extremism.

Dean Alexander

Title: “The Eye Ball’

URL: vimeo.com191782584

Ad Agency: Design Army

Creative Directors: Jake Lefebure and Pum Lefebure

Senior Designer: Lillian Ling

Editor: David Grossbach

Copywriter: Mark Welsh

Client: Georgetown Optician

“The Eye Ball,” a sequel to “Our Family Know Glasses,” continues the true-ish story of the Voorthuis family, the optically obsessed owners of Georgetown Optician— a true-life optical retailer.

Lindsay Godin

School: University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa

From Godin’s series “History is Written by The Winner,” depicting American nationalism in the classroom. Her photographs show that through patriotic messaging and romanticized history, children are exposed to the idea that history has declared America as the winner.

Alexander Anufriev

School: The Rodchenko Art School, Moscow, Russia

“Russia Close-Up” is a visual illustration of contemporary political themes in Russia: clericalization, patriotic programs and an increase in censorship and propaganda. Anufriev says this period in his country’s history “feels like an important milestone,” and he aims to document the reality of living in modern Russia.

Melissa Kreider

School: University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa

“Remnants” is an exploration of the successes and failures of the structures that are responsible for engaging victims of sexual and domestic abuse. Subjects range from the sites of assault to the evidence collection kits, the crime labs and the backlog of rape kits in police evidence rooms, as well as the survivors themselves.

Ksenia Kuleshova

School: Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Germany

Abkhazia, once a region for tourism for the Russian Empire and later, the Soviet Union, is “a lost place on the world map,” Kuleshova says. Following a civil war with Georgia in 1992, it is a partially recognized Russian puppet state without any real industry, infrastructure or educational power. This series looks at the lives of residents who live in a country “caught in a two-decade long sleep.”

Nathaniel Brunt

School: Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada

Support: Alexia Foundation

“Shaheed” is an intimate photographic exploration of the human cost of the nearly three-decade-long conflict in the Kashmir Valley. Since 1989, Pakistani-backed Muslim Kashmiris have rebelled against Indian administration in the region, and the insurgencies and counter-insurgencies have resulted in nearly 70,000 deaths, more than 8,000 enforced disappearances and numerous cases of torture and sexual violence against civilians.

Angelique Ambrosio

School: School of Visual Arts, New York City

In “Seduction,” office supplies are given a makeover, photographed to look as “sexy” and “desirable” as advertising for beauty products.

Wentao Wei

School: International Center of Photography, New York City

“Appearance and Essence” demonstrates duality: As a child, Wei was taught about the harmony and balance in Chinese philosophy and landscape painting; as an adult, he encountered the West’s rational and scientific way of thinking. Like X-rays of nature, his work plays upon the concept of yin and yang.

Anna Brody

School: Savannah College of Art and Design, Georgia

The subject of Brody’s series “Edging, GA” is an imagined town, and through it, she ponders the concept of being in an incomplete state—to be “almost” something. She says: “Maybe that’s what I take pictures of—people and things that are also almost there, who are almost done looking.”

Emanuele Amighetti

School: Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Italy

Support: Open Society Foundations

A series about the remaining landmines left from the Kosovo War. More than 100 people have been injured by explosives since the United Nations declared the area safe in 2001, and hundreds of rural families have been unable to use the land. In 2008, the UN revised its position and allowed de-mining agencies to return—they are in the process of clearing an estimated 60 minefields by 2020.

Johanna-Maria Fritz

School: Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie, Berlin, Germany

Circuses are typically associated with the West, but “Like a Bird” documents circus projects in Muslim countries, amid armed conflict and rigid religious morality. Shot in Afghanistan, Iran and Palestine, Fritz’s series illustrates the circus as a refuge from unrest and social and religious constraints.

Emile Ducke

School: Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Germany

A portrait of Aidara, a West Siberian village accessible only by boat and home to a small community of Russian Orthodox Old Believers. This faction continues liturgical practices prior to church reforms introduced in the mid-17th century. Life in Aidara, Ducke explains, consists of exhausting agricultural work, and beyond the village is a vast forest, prone to fires that the residents must control in the dry summers.

Simon McCool

School: Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

McCool’s poignant series examines the suburban experience, specifically themes of home, family and the American Dream. In the series, he challenges the “security, authenticity and fulfillment” of those themes, but also views the challenge as an opportunity “to embrace the ephemeral and beautiful nature” of the human experience.

Cody Greco

School: University of Toronto, Canada

“Matchbox” is an ongoing series that takes a detailed look at vintage matchboxes from around the world.

Justine Kurland

Title: Highway Kind

Publisher: Aperture Foundation

Editor: Denise Wolff

Design: John Morgan Studio

Text: Lynne Tillman

Kurland, known for her utopian photographs of American landscapes and their fringe communities, has spent the better part of the last 12 years on the road. Highway Kind features the scope of her road work from the perspective of an artist traveling with her son.

Gordon Parks and Ralph Ellison

Title: Invisible Man

Publisher: Steidl

Design: Duncan Whyte

Invisible Man is the first publication about the 1948 and 1952 collaborations of photographer Gordon Parks and author Ralph Ellison, inspired by their common vision of racial injustice. The book provides an in-depth look at the artists’ shared vision of black life in America, with Harlem as its nerve center.

Torsten Schumann

Title: More Cars, Clothes and Cabbages

Publisher: Peperoni Books

Design: Torsten Schumann and Hannes Wanderer

Text: Hannes Wanderer

Schumann’s collection of humorous and visually ironic street imagery begins with a story about losing his wallet and taking a new passport photo with a black dot on his nose, setting the stage for his idiosyncratic view of the world.


Title: Provoke - Between Protest and Performance

Publisher: Steidl

Editors: Diane Dufour, Duncan Forbes, Walter Moser and Matthew S. Witkovsky

Contributor: Sawada Yoko

Design: Pierre Hourquet

Provoke accompanies the first exhibition about the short-lived, postwar Japanese magazine of the same name, which combined protest photography, performance art and critical theory of the late 1960s and early 1970s. This catalog is a strongly interpretative explanation of currents in Japanese art and society at a moment of historical collapse and renewal.

Elliott Erwitt

Title: Elliott Erwitt: Home Around the World

Publishers: Aperture Foundation and Harry Ransom Center

Editors: Jessica S. McDonald

Design: Stuart Smith (SMITH)

Text: Stuart Alexander, Sean Corcoran, Steven Hoelscher and Jessica S. McDonald

Photo Agency: Magnum Photos

Home Around the World features examples of Erwitt’s early experiments in California, his intimate family portraits in New York, his major magazine assignments and long-term documentary interests, and his ongoing personal investigation of public spaces and their transitory inhabitants.

Richard Misrach

Title: Border Cantos

Publisher: Aperture Foundation

Editor: Lesley A. Martin

Project Editor: Katie Clifford

Design: Masumi Shibata

Instruments/Sounds/Text: Guillermo Galindo

Text: Josh Kun

Border Cantos not only presents Misrach’s work along the U.S.-Mexican border since 2004, but also a unique collaboration with composer Guillermo Galindo that offers new perspectives on the critical issues of immigration and border control.

Todd Hido

Title: Intimate Distance: Twenty-Five Years of Photographs, a Chronological Album

Publisher: Aperture Foundation

Editor: Denise Wolff

Design: Bob Aufuldish (Aufuldish & Warinner)

Text: David Campany and Katya Tylevich

This mid-career survey of the acclaimed American photographer Todd Hido features his most iconic images as well as unpublished work. Intimate Distance reveals insight into Hido’s practice and illustrates how his unique focus has developed and shifted over time.

Peter van Agtmael

Title: Buzzing at the Sill

Publisher: Kehrer Verlag

Design: Peter van Agtmael and Katharina Stumpf (Kehrer Design)

Text: Peter van Agtmael

Buzzing at the Sill is van Agtmael’s exploration of the United States in the shadow of the post-9/11 wars. A sequel to Disco Night Sept 11, it begins on a dusk flight over an anonymous landscape, moving unsentimentally—and sometimes surreally—into images of race, class, war, memory, torture, nationalism, family and place.

Sage Sohier

Title: Witness to Beauty

Publisher: Kehrer Verlag

Design: Sage Sohier and Loreen Lampe (Kehrer Design)

Text: Marvin Heiferman

In this body of work, Sohier photographs her mother, a glamorous ex-fashion model, as she engages with the challenge of aging. Images of her mother in her youth, posing for photographers such as Irving Penn and Richard Avedon, provide a poignant contrast with Sohier’s photographs of her mother as time passes, though she defies expectations and achieves a quality of timeless perfection.

Marta Zgierska

Title: Post

Publisher: Actes Sud

Curator: Diane Dufour (Le BAL)

Text: Christian Caujolle

Post was created in the aftermath of a serious car accident Zgierska experienced in 2013, after months of surgeries, physical limitations, a breakup and aggravated anxiety. “Post is a project about trauma,” she says, though “everyone can find their own punctures: exhausting dreams, fears, obsessions.”

Santu Mofokeng

Title: Stories: 2-4, Concert at Sewefontein—Funeral—27 April 1994

Publisher: Steidl

Concept: Joshua Chuang Design: Victor Balko, Lunetta Bartz and Joshua Chuang

Stories: 2-4 is a set of photo essays about the township of Bloemhof, where, in 1988, Mofokeng began documenting the lives of tenant laborers while on the staff of University of the Witwatersrand’s African Studies Institute. The loose trilogy describes how the residents unwound, buried one of their own and gathered together on one of the most consequential days in South African history.

Richard Renaldi

Title: Manhattan Sunday

Publisher: Aperture Foundation

Editor: Lesley A. Martin

Design: Andrew Sloat

Text: Richard Renaldi

Part homage to New York City nightlife, part celebration of a city onto which people project their ideal selves and ideal lives, Renaldi captures that ethereal moment when Saturday night bleeds into Sunday morning across the borough of Manhattan.

Joshua Rashaad McFadden

Title: Come to Selfhood

Publisher: Ceiba Editions

Concept/Design: Sergio Betti and Eva-Maria Kunz

Cover Art: Giulia Betti

Text: Lyle Ashton Harris and Joshua Rashaad McFadden

In his first monograph, McFadden examines black masculinity, countering the stereotypes imposed on African American men by American society. Through portraiture and testimony, McFadden asks: “What happens when an African American man self-interprets his own identity based upon ideology, reality, memory and experience?”

Michał Łuczak

Title: 11.41

Publisher: Filip Springer

Editor: Andrzej Kramarz

Design: Ania Nałęcka-Milach (Tapir Book Design)

Text: Filip Springer

A portrait of the city of Spitak, which lost a third of its population in the 1988 Armenian earthquake that displaced more than 500,000 people and killed 25,000. Though the city survived, partly rebuilt in a makeshift way, it has never been able to shake off the trauma.

Justin Kimball

Title: Elegy

Publisher: Radius Books

Design: David Chickey and Montana Currie

Elegy features small towns in New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Ohio brought to the brink of obsolescence by their economic downturn. In his depiction of communities facing hardship, Kimball examines the persistence of hope and the concept of what it means to be human in our modern world.

Matt Eich

Title: Carry Me Ohio

Publisher: Sturm & Drang

Editor: Mike Davis

Design: Deb Pang Davis

Illustration: Ryn Frank

Text: Kate Linthicum and Steve Scanlan

The Invisible Yoke, Volume I: Carry Me Ohio is a decade-long photo essay about life in the economically depressed region of Southeast Ohio. “Despite circumstances,” Eich says, “these proud Americans persevere and cling to family, community and land with an admirable tenacity.” Though he warns: “Our collective memory favors the convenience of amnesia over acknowledging the damage that we continue to inflict upon ourselves.”

Michael Lundgren

Title: Matter

Publisher: Radius Books

Design: David Chickey and Michael Lundgren

Text: Christian Widmer

Matter is culled from nine years of picture making, a tightly woven sequence conjuring elements of the supernatural across multiple terrains. Departing from the confines of the descriptive landscape, Lundgren says: “Nature is not always the nice redemptive thing we have assumed.”

Adam Ryder

Title: Selections from the Joint Photographic Survey

Publisher: Conveyor Editions

Design: Christina Labey and Elana Schlenker

Text: Benjamin Anderson

Predicated on the discovery of lost archives from an early 20th-century colonial archeological expedition in the Southern Levant, Ryder chronicles the story of this collective endeavor through black-and-white images, original text and calculated slippages that challenge the authority of colonial values, the historical archive and photography itself.

Alex Webb

Title: Alex Webb: La Calle

Publishers: Aperture Foundation and Televisa Foundation

Editor: Rebecca Norris Webb

Design: David Chickey

Text: Guillermo Arriaga, Mónica de la Torre, Álvaro Enrigue, Valeria Luiselli and Guadalupe Nettel

La Calle spans more than 30 years of Webb’s photography from the streets of Mexico. This body of work commemorates the Mexican street as a sociopolitical bellwether—albeit one that has undergone significant transformation since Webb’s first trips to the country.

Nancy Borowick

Title: The Family Imprint

Publisher: Hatje Cantz

Editor: Alison Morley

Design: Bonnie Briant

When Borowick’s parents were diagnosed with stage-four cancer and underwent simultaneous treatment, passing away within a year of each other, she did the only thing she knew how to do: She documented it. By turning the camera on her family’s life, Borowick learned a great deal about herself, her family and relationships in general.

Mark Neville

Title: Fancy Pictures

Publisher: Steidl

Design: Duncan Whyte

Text: David Campany and Mark Neville

Fancy Pictures is the first commercially available book on the work of Mark Neville. It brings together six of his socially engaged and long-term immersive projects from the last decade. Neville typically disseminates his photo books for free either to the communities he photographs or to authorities and government policy-makers in order to highlight social issues.

Magnus Wennman

Title: Where the Children Sleep

Publisher: Kehrer Verlag

Design: Loreen Lampe (Kehrer Design)

Text: Carina Bergfeldt, Jan Broman, Per Broman, Magnus Wennman and Erik Wiman

More than two million children have become displaced due to prolonged war in Syria, leaving their friends, homes and beds behind. In this body of work, a few of these children offer to show where they sleep now, when everything that once was no longer exists.

Mark Peterson

Title: Political Theatre

Publisher: Steidl

Editor: Amy Pereira

Design: Bernard Fischer, Mark Peterson, David Shields and Gerhard Steidl

Text: John Heilemann

Peterson’s caustic black-and-white series about American politicians pulls back the curtain on their performances to show them as they really are. From shortly before the 2013 government shut down to the 2016 presidential election, Peterson cuts through the staging and reveals the cold, naked ambition for power.