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THE MARTY FORSCHER FELLOWSHIP FUND is sponsored by Parsons School of Design and PDN. The awards recognize one professional and one student who have made outstanding achievements in humanistic photography. The awards are given in memory of the sought-after camera-repair technician who helped equip Diane Arbus, Richard Avedon, Mary Ellen Mark, Joel Meyerowitz and many other photographers. Congratulations to professional award winner Tariq Zaidi, who will receive $4,000. Tariq was chosen from the 2018 PDN Photo Annual winners by Michelle Bogre, Jennifer Samuel and Peter B. Kaplan.

THE PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR AWARD honors an image-maker who has created an outstanding image or body of work that reflects the year in photography, selected by the editors and publisher of PDN. Congratulations to Adam Ferguson, who will receive $10,000 and be profiled in an upcoming issue of PDN.

THE PDN PUBLISHER’S CHOICE AWARD recognizes exceptional work by a winner of the Photo Annual. Congratulations to this year’s recipient, Debi Cornwall, who will receive a $2,500 cash award.

The Sony Tastemaker Award honors a photographer who creates compelling commercial work and leads as an influencer in the photography industry. Congratulations to Mamadi Doumbouya, who will receive a $1,500 cash prize.

Aaron Hewitt

Creative Kristin Lane, stylist // Alisa Hopper Court, hair and makeup

Client Nike

An image used for the press release of the Nike Pro Hijab, the company’s first athletic hijab.

David Salafia

Agency MMB

Creatives Travis Robertson and Greg Almeida, creative directors

Client The Boston Bruins

A campaign for the 2017 Stanley Cup playoffs targeted toward fans of the Boston Bruins professional hockey team. The images do not feature any players, coaches or game footage, but instead show loyal fans and team memorabilia.

Eschliman Studio

Agency Elephant

Creative Evan Jones, creative director

Client Marcus by Goldman Sachs

An advertising campaign featuring various still-life lifestyle vignettes against a colorful background for Marcus, a personal loan and online savings platform by Goldman Sachs.

Gina Vasquez

Client 500px Studio

From a photo essay promoting 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, an international campaign. The project was commissioned by 500px in collaboration with the United Nations as part of its UNiTE to End Violence against Women campaign.

Jacob Niblett

Agency VCCP

Creatives Sophie Clark, creative director // Charlotte Trotman, producer

Client Avon

A female athlete in the Liverpool Ladies Football Club perspires while wearing Avon makeup. Captured for the brand’s Fiercely Feminine campaign.

Jill Greenberg

Agency Ignition Creative

Creative Heather Wines, photography manager

Client Hulu

A set of promotional posters shot for Hulu’s original TV series The Path.

Julia Fullerton-Batten

Agency Adam & Eve DDB

Creative Simon Lloyd, creative director

Client YoYoBear

A young girl forms a playful connection to an imaginary bear to promote the Bear brand, which offers nutritional snacks for kids.

The Wade Brothers

Client adidas

Agency Iris Worldwide

Production Making Pictures

Creative Eleanor Fitzgerald, senior creative shoot and production manager // Iain Robson, David Missen, creative directors // Lu Howlett, agency producer

A black-and-white series of portraits of soccer players photographed in London and Barcelona.

Nick Laham

Creative Jason Murphy, art director

Client Nike

A black-and-white series that focuses on basketball in Harlem.

Randal Ford

Ad Agency David Roth & Associates

Marketing Agency Hogarth Worldwide

Creative Shaun Bruce, art director // Sabine Rogers, art buyer/producer // Nora Krupitsky, assistant producer // Yuriy Mikhalevskiy, copywriter

Client Jdate

A comical series depicting older women, yentas, working tirelessly in Silicon Valley to code the best matches for the Jewish dating site

Reuben Wu



Client Audi USA

The new Audi A5 Cabriolet photographed in the otherworldy landscapes of Utah.

Sam Kaplan

Agency Arnold Worldwide

Creatives Eugene Jho, food stylist // Emily Mullin, prop stylist

Client Reese’s

Shot for a campaign that showcases food recipes made using Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Simon Hurst

Agency Digital DK

Creatives Steve Jones, director // Brittany Cooke, design and communications associate

Client Invenergy LLC

A portrait of one of the pioneers of wind energy development on the High Plains region of the U.S.

Stephen Wilkes

Agency LA Associates

Creative David Ikeda, creative director // Andrew Witt, art director // Ashley LaCasse, finisher

Client Netflix

A poster promoting season 2 of the Netflix original show, Stranger Things.

Tadd Myers Photographer

Creative Jessica Gavit, art director

Client SH8 Merino, New Zealand

A flock of sheep at West Edge Station in the South Island of New Zealand captured for SH8, a co-op of family-owned sheep arms located in the area.

Todd Antony

Agency Krow Communications

Creative Tim Robertson, creative director // Matt Allen, art director

Client Royal National Lifeboat Institution

A woman is seen in distress in a body of water, shot for a “Float to Live” campaign for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, which raises awareness of the dangers of cold water shock. The campaign also educates people, should they find themselves in this situation, to float rather than swim.

Adam Birkan

Publication The Sunday Times Magazine

Agent Michelle Bablitz, SAINT LUCY Represents

Creative Russ O’Connell, photo editor

A portrait of Rob Goldstone, the music publicist who gained international attention after he requested to set up a meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and Russian Lawyers. The Sunday Times Magazine profiled Goldstone in November 2017.

Alexander Anufriev

Publication Afisha Daily

Creative Nina Frolova, director of photography

Moscow’s Viennese Ball is recognized as the biggest ball in all of Russia with nearly 2,000 attendees. The style and theme of the event is reminiscent of Tsarist-era ballroom dancing.

Andrew Hetherington

Publication The Atlantic

Creative Paul Spella, art director

Alec Baldwin in the makeup chair before a Saturday Night Live performance where he performs as President Trump.

Brian Finke

Publication National Geographic

Creative Todd James, senior photo editor

A series captured for an article about the birthplaces of alcohol around the world.

Benjamin Rasmussen

Publication TIME

Creative Kira Pollack, director of photography Michelle Molloy, senior photo editor

A portrait of President Donald Trump as he walks into his private living room in the White House residence.

Elinor Carucci

Publication The New Yorker

Creative Joanna Milter, photography director // Thea Traff, photo editor

A real couple kissing, captured for a short story about a young woman who dates an older man.

Lia Clay

Publication Refinery29

Creative Toby Kaufmann, executive photography director // Amanda Gorence, photo editor

As part of Refinery29’s “Take Back the Beach” initiative, this series was created to explore what it’s like for the transgender community during the summer when they are at pools, beaches and other swim environments.

Giles Price

Publication The New York Times Magazine

Creative Kathy Ryan, director of photography // Jessica Dimson, photography editor & production // Deb Bishop, design

The Mount Rushmore National Memorial is an iconic location that portrays the faces of four prominent former U.S. presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. These photos were captured for a story that asks: Why does Mount Rushmore exist?

Jamie Chung

Publication Departures

Creative Rebecca Stepler, deputy photo editor

Shot for a wellness feature that recommends petting a Silkie (a specific chicken breed) for relaxation.

Christopher Anderson

Publication New York

Creative Jody Quon, photography director

Former Late Show host David Letterman makes a brief return. Photographed for the magazine’s March 6, 2017, cover story.

Norman Jean Roy

Publication New York

Creative Jody Quon, photography director // Roxanne Behr, photo editor

A black-and-white portrait of actress Greta Gerwig.

Matt Black

Publication New York

Creative Jody Quon, photography director // Marvin Orellana, photo editor

Captured for a story called “Maria’s Bodies,” which details the aftermath of the September 2017 hurricane that hit Puerto Rico. The hurricane resulted in over 100 casualties and left a lingering trail of devastation on the island.

Holly Andres

Publication New York

Creative Jody Quon, photography director // Roxanne Behr and Sofia de Guzman, photo editors

As Andres spent roughly six weeks traveling from Portland, Oregon, to Missoula, Montana, she documented the unique women she encountered.

Joe Pugliese

Publication Billboard

Creative Jennifer Laski, photo & video director // Kate Pappa, senior photo producer // Shanti Marlar, design director // Carrie Smith, deputy photo director

A portrait of singer and actor Mary J. Blige captured at Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party on February 11, 2017.

Justin Fantl

Publication Palm Springs Life

Creative Robert Festino, creative director

Shot from a helicopter over the Coachella Valley, Fantl’s series explores the use of water in the desert.

Yuri Hasegawa

A newspaper-like promo featuring Hasegawa’s environmental portraiture.

Philip Montgomery

Publication Bloomberg Businessweek

Creative Clinton Cargill, director of photography

Shot for a story about calculating the damage to the wine industry after wildfires in Northern California shut down almost all of the local vineyards.

Jack Davison

Publication The New York Times Magazine

Creative Kathy Ryan, director of photography // Jessica Dimson, deputy photo editor

An unconventional portrait of singer-songwriter Lorde. Says the magazine’s editor, Jake Silverstein, “We wanted a picture that captured something else—her originality, her mysteriousness, her odd maturity.”

Joakim Eskildsen

Publication The New York Times Magazine

Creative Kathy Ryan, director of photography // Jessica Dimson, deputy photo editor // Stacey Baker, associate photo editor

The Liimal family at the Mooska Farm sauna in Vorumaa, a county in southern Estonia. Photographed for a feature in the magazine that explores how families around the world spend their vacations.

Mamadi Doumbouya

Publication The New York Times Magazine

Creative Kathy Ryan, director of photography // Jessica Dimson, deputy photo editor // Debbie Samuelson, contributing photo editor

Portraits of director Spike Lee captured for promotion of his latest projects.

Inez & Vinoodh

Publication The New York Times Magazine

Creative Kathy Ryan, director of photography // Jessica Dimson, deputy photo editor // Stacey Baker, associate photo editor

Chelsea Manning’s disclosure of classified documents in 2010 ushered in the age of leaks. These photos were taken for an interview Manning did with The New York Times Magazine after she was released from prison.

Pari Dukovic

Publication ESPN magazine

Creative Karen Frank, director of photography // Kristen Geisler, deputy photo editor

A portrait of Oklahoma City Thunder basketball player Russell Westbrook, shot for a profile in the magazine’s March 27, 2017, issue.

Sasha Arutyunova

Publication The New York Times

Creative Alana Celii, photo editor

Corps de ballet dancers, the lowest rank in a ballet company, are considered to be some of the hardest working. This series follows Claire Kretzschmar, a rising star of the corps, who performed in all seven performances during the first week of the winter season.

Sara Terry And Teun Van Der Heijden

Title War is Only Half the Story: Ten Years of the Aftermath Project

Publisher Dewi Lewis

Editors Sara Terry and Teun van der Heijden

Design/Layout Teun van der Heijden, Heijdens Karwei

Text Clare Cavanagh, Donald Weber, Sara Terry and poems by Wislawa Szymborska

War is Only Half the Story is a ten-year retrospective of the work of the documentary photography program The Aftermath Project, which has supported post-conflict storytelling by some of the world’s best photographers.

Nina Berman

Title An autobiography of Miss Wish

Publisher Kehrer Verlag

Editor Nina Berman, Teun van der Heijden, Kimberly Stevens

Drawings Kimberly Stevens

Design Teun van der Heijden

Berman’s book documents the haunting story of a survivor of sex trafficking and her struggle to craft a life while living in a state of flashbacks, trauma and addiction. Photographed over 25 years in London and then New York City, the story is told through multiple narrative elements including the protagonist’s vast personal archive, which Berman safeguarded over the years.

Paul D'Amato

Title here / still / now

Publisher Kehrer Verlag

Design Nanni Goebel

Text Paul D’Amato, Dawoud Bay, Camara Dia Holloway, Amy M. Mooney

For here / still / now, D’Amato documents people living on the west side of Chicago, a poverty-stricken area not known for anything in particular. D’Amato’s photos are a reminder of how these conditions are merely accepted by the rest of society, and that the individuals living in these communities are as important as anyone else.

Jonas Bendiksen

Title Jonas Bendiksen: The Last Testament

Publisher Aperture/GOST

Editor Chris Boot

Design SMITH

For The Last Testament, Bendiksen chronicled seven men who publicly claim to be the biblical Messiah. The project took him on a journey from England to Brazil, Russia, South Africa, Zambia, Japan and the Philippines to document these men, united in their faith that they themselves are the Chosen One, and have come to save the world.

Susan Bright

Title Feast for the Eyes: The Story of Food in Photography

Publisher Aperture

Editor Denise Wolff

Design Atelier Dyakova

Text Susan Bright

Feast For The Eyes documents the rich history of food photography, from fine-art to commercial to scientific photography and photojournalism. Through imagery and text, the book traces the progression of the genre from photography’s beginnings to present day, exploring the important figures and movements.

Rinko Kawauchi

Title Halo

Publisher Aperture

Editor Lesley A. Martin

Design Hans Gremmen

Text Rinko Kawauchi

For Halo, Kawauchi travels to the southern coast of Japan, Hebei province in China and Brighton, England, to explore the spiritual, the viscerally physical and the wonder of the natural world through man-made celebrations or traditions and natural phenomena.

Peter Hujar

Title Peter Hujar: Speed of Life

Publisher Aperture and Fundación MAPFRE

Editor Joel Smith

Design Juan Antonio Moreno

Typesetting Justin Sloane

Text Joel Smith, Philip Gefter, Steve Turtell, Martha Scott Burton

Known for his black-and-white portraits of artists and musicians in the 1970s and ‘80s, Peter Hujar was a leading figure of the downtown New York scene. Though he died in 1987, Hujar’s work is the subject of the new book Peter Hujar: Speed of Life, which collects 160 of his famous and lesser-known photographs.

Stephen Shore

Title Stephen Shore: Selected Works,1973–1981

Publisher Aperture

Editor Lesley A. Martin

Design Murray & Sorrell FUEL

Text/image selections Wes Anderson, Quentin Bajac, David Campany, Paul Graham, Guido Guidi, Takashi Homma, An-My Lê, Michael Lesy, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Francine Prose, Ed Ruscha, Britt Salvesen, Stephen Shore, Taryn Simon, Thomas Struth, Lynne Tillman

In this unique retrospective, 15 photographers, curators, authors and cultural figures discuss their ten top image selections from a rarely seen cache of Shore’s photography created between 1973 and 1981.

Debi Cornwall

Title Welcome to Camp America

Publisher Radius Books / Yossi Milo Gallery

Design David Chickey, Montana Currie, Debi Cornwall

Text Moazzam Begg, Fred Ritchin

Cornwall’s photographs offer a glimpse into the U.S. Naval Station in Cuba, known as “Gitmo.” Welcome to Camp America combines three bodies of work: one that shows residential and leisure spaces of both prisoners and guards; one that includes photos of gift-shop souvenirs meant to represent the commodification of American military power; and one series that follows men once held as accused terrorists, now cleared and freed, living in nine countries, from Albania to Qatar.

Alison Rossiter

Title Expired Paper

Publisher Radius Books

Editor/Design David Chickey

Text Leah Ollman

Expired Paper is a comprehensive look at Rossiter’s body of work. Writes art critic Leah Ollman in the book’s accompanying text, “All of the works pay homage to the rich idiosyncrasies of photographic papers across history, and restore a sanctity to the photograph as object. Made without cameras, lenses or film, the works are nothing but process and materiality.”

William Eggleston

Title Election Eve

Publisher Steidl

Design Mai-Loan Gaudez, Duncan Whyte and Gerhard Steidl

Preface Lloyd Fonvielle

Text Caldecot Chubb

Election Eve collects images from Eggleston’s October 1976 visit to Plains, Georgia, the home of Jimmy Carter, who in November of that year would become the 39th President of the United States. Eggleston’s photographs show mostly empty roads, train tracks, cars, gas stations and houses, forming a portrait of Plains that contrasted with the idealized image promoted by the media at that time.

Dayanita Singh

Title Museum Bhavan

Publisher Steidl

Design Dayanita Singh, Gerhard Steidl

Text Gerhard Steidl, Dayanita Singh, Aveek Sen

Museum Bhavan is a set of books that encourages readers to make their own exhibitions of Singh’s work. Through a collection of nine individual “museums” in book form, Singh creates a new space between publishing and the museum, an experience where books have the same if not greater artistic value than prints hanging on a gallery wall.

Mitch Epstein

Title Rocks and Clouds

Publisher Steidl

Editors Susan Bell, Ryan Spencer

Design Naomi Mizusaki, Supermarket Studio

Text Mitch Epstein, Susan Bell

In Rocks and Clouds, Epstein investigates the meaning of time by photographing rocks that last millions of years and clouds that evaporate before our eyes. The black-and-white pictures were captured in New York City and examine society’s complex relationship to nature.

Lee Friedlander

Title Chain Link

Publisher Steidl

Production Gerhard Steidl, Bernard Fischer

Production Supervision Joshua Chuang

Design Katy Homans

Known for photographing the American social landscape, Friedlander focused his new book around the humble chain link fence. Chain Link collects 97 pictures of fences captured over Friedlander’s 40+-year career, an ode to the recurring object that is versatile, utilitarian and ubiquitous—not unlike the photographer himself.

Kaneko Ryuichi

Title The Japanese Photobook

Publisher Steidl

concept/design Manfred Heiting

Production Gerhard Steidl, Bernard Fischer

Text Duncan Forbes, Fujimura Satomi, Manfred Heiting, Iizawa Kotaro, Kaneko Ryuichi, Mitsuda Yuri, Shirayama Mari, Takeba Joe

Through over 400 illustrations of photo publications, The Japanese Photobook follows the development of photography as seen in photo publications in Japan—from the time of influence by European and American pictorialism to the more recent experimental styles that influence the imagery we know today.

Margaret Courtney-Clarke

Title Cry Sadness into the Coming Rain

Publisher Steidl

Design Margaret Courtney-Clarke, Holger Feroudj, Gerhard Steidl

Text David Goldblatt, Sean O’Toole

After living abroad for decades, Margaret Courtney-Clarke returned home to Namibia to find a changed country in the throes of unrestrained development, the desert desecrated and a mass migration from rural settlements to towns. Cry Sadness into the Coming Rain formed as a result of her exploration of the country after her return and serves as a visual ode to Namibia, describing the bare circumstances of its inhabitants.

Tymon Markowski

Title Flow

Publisher Tymon Markowski

Editor Joanna Kinowska

Design Katarzyna Kubicka

Text Tymon Markowski

A native of Bydgoszcz, Poland, Markowski has spent his life in close proximity to the Brda River, a 150-mile waterway that runs straight through the city. In Flow, Markowski photographs the picturesque small villages along the river, highlighting the unique culture of this region.

Weronika Gesicka

Title Traces

Publisher Jednostka & W. Gesicka, M. Sokalska

Editing/Design Weronika Gesicka, Katarzyna Sagatowska, Maga Sokalska

Traces is a selection of photomontages of family scenes, holiday memories and everyday life from the 1950s and ‘60s. The modified images are wrapped in a new context, creating a sometimes humorous result that is also a comment on identity, self-consciousness, relationships and imperfection.

Adam Ferguson

Publication The New York Times

Creative David Furst, photo editor

From a series of portraits of 18 girls who were kidnapped by Boko Haram militants in Nigeria, then strapped with explosives and deployed on suicide bombing missions. Each girl found help instead of blowing herself up. This body of work accompanies interviews with each girl.

Adrees Latif

Agency Reuters

Publications,, Quartz

This series, photographed in Texas, combines ground and aerial coverage of the destruction left by Hurricane Harvey, a Category Four storm that hit the state on August 25, 2017.

Andrew Burton

Publication The New York Times

Creative Crista Chapman and Morrigan McCarthy, photo editors

On August 25, 2017, Hurricane Harvey made landfall in eastern Texas. The Category Four storm was unprecedented: Winds reached 130 miles per hour and more than 15 trillion gallons of rain fell, ultimately leading to the deaths of at least 89 people.

Anna Miroshnichenko


The series title “Ana Loves You” references the anthropomorphized nickname of anorexia nervosa often used in online communities. The eating disorder is especially common among teenage girls. Though those afflicted are often aware of their problem, their fear of gaining weight keeps them from seeking help.

Hannah Mckay

Agency Reuters

Publications The Daily Beast,

Photographers help a Rohingya refugee out of Naf River as they cross the Myanmar-Bangladesh border in Palong Khali, near Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, on November 1, 2017.

Ilvy Njiokiktjien

Agency VII Photo Agency

Client Cordaid

Publication NRC Handelsblad

A 12-year-old boy named John Francis poses with a mask in an Internally Displaced Persons Camp in Wau, South Sudan.

Ivor Prickett

Publication The New York Times

Creative David Furst, international photo editor // Craig Allen, photo editor—international desk

The nine-month Battle of Mosul has been called the worst urban combat since World War II, and while leaders on the ground say there was no way to avoid the vast loss of life and destruction, for those who lost loved ones and homes, it is hard to know who to blame, Prickett says. For this body of work, Prickett spent months in and around Mosul, including well after the official Iraqi declaration of victory over ISIS last July.

Jorge Silva

Agency Reuters

Editors Gabrielle Fonseca Johnson and Ahmad Masood

Publications The Atlantic, MSN,, and others

Since August 2017, hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees fleeing persecution in Myanmar have crossed the border into Bangladesh, trekking for days or weeks through forests and mountains, with many making a hazardous river or sea crossing on the last leg of their flight. Many of them survive, but are left with dangerous injuries.

Mads Nissen

Photo Agency Panos Pictures

Publication Politiken

Creative Thomas Borberg, photo editor-in-chief

Only seven years after gaining its independence, South Sudan is currently experiencing the third-largest refugee crisis in the world due to the ethnic civil war between the Dinka and Nuer tribes. The story of South Sudan is extremely complex, Nissen says, but in some ways it’s also simple: It’s about survival.

Marco Antonio Bello

Agency Reuters

Creative Claudia Daut, chief photographer Latin America Gabrielle Fonseca Johnson, senior editor/The Wider Image

Publications,, The Guardian, The Washington Post and others

Demonstrators clash with security forces at the fence of an air base in Caracas, Venezuela, on May 31, 2017, while rallying against Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.

Marcus Yam

Publication Los Angeles Times

Creative Robert St. John, senior picture editor

California’s largest wildfire on record started as a small brushfire near Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula on December 4, 2017, exploding in size to burn more than 280,000 acres across Ventura and Santa Barbara counties and lead to a state of emergency. The milestone reaffirmed 2017 as the most destructive fire season ever in the state.

Pieter De Vos

While “Homelands” focuses on two brothers in Woodlane Village, an informal settlement in Pretoria, their stories are set against the larger social and historical forces that have shaped South Africa. The work speaks to the ways people make sense of home and belonging amidst dislocation, violence, racial divide, widening socio-economic disparities and mass migration.

Sarah Blesener

Agencies Redux Pictures, Anastasia Photo

Support Alexia Foundation, CatchLight Fellowship with Reveal

Publications 6Mois, National Geographic Proof,, The New York Times Lens Blog and others

“Beckon Us from Home” investigates how a nation instills patriotism and passes down military tradition to new generations. The message of “America First” can be found not only at the forefront of current political movements, but in camps and clubs across the United States, which enroll around 375,000 American youth annually.

Stephen Voss


Creative Bernadette Tuazon, head of photography // Brett Roegiers, photo editor

Former FBI director James Comey arrives to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee in Washington, DC, on June 8, 2017.

Tariq Zaidi


Creative Phil Coomes, picture editor Vanessa Buschschluter, Latin and Caribbean editor

In their bid to host the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games, Brazilian authorities promised to improve life in Rio’s favelas, which consequently led to higher rents that have pushed their poorest residents out. In the Favela Mangueira, less than a mile from the Maracanã stadium, hundreds of families squat in empty buildings.

Tommy Trenchard

Agency Panos Pictures

Publications The Sunday Times,,, NPR, , Newsweek

This project follows the course of the Battle of Mosul between February and May 2017, as Iraqi troops fought their way, street by street, into ISIS-held territory. The work focuses in particular on the civilians, both those who stayed and those who fled. The city was finally declared liberated in July 2017, but at a massive cost.

Natalie Keyssar

Client Lifetime

Creative Jessica Chermayeff, executive producer // Zara Katz, director of photography // Lisa Riordan Seville, lead writer/researcher // Hany Hawasly, lead photo technician

Shot for the Lifetime online project “Her America,” a photo essay about high school junior Angel “Chyna” Willis, who has gained nearly a million Instagram followers for her skits and dance videos that she has produced since the sixth grade under the handle @chythegreatest.

Adam Pintar

Pintar says this photograph embodies the tenacious spirit of minor leaguer Dan Runzler, who once contributed a 3-0 record to the San Francisco Giants' 2010 World Series run, but was relegated to independent league ball after a string of injuries. After five years in the minors, Runzler found his way back to the majors when he was called up by the Pittsburgh Pirates in September 2017.

Alain Schroeder

Main Jaran is a traditional horse race that takes place during festivals and holidays in Sumbawa, Indonesia. Its unique features are the notoriously small horses and the fearless child jockeys who ride bareback, barefoot and with little protective gear.

Brian Lowe

In this series, Lowe highlights the form of athletes in action through their shadows.

Clarke Tolton

Client A&E Networks

Creative Tracey Leeds, photo editor // Karl Bourke, creative director

American soccer player Carli Lloyd perfectly executes a bicycle kick in this image, used for a promotional campaign for the National Women’s Soccer League on Lifetime and DISH network.

Dan Root

Rep Deborah Ayerst Artists’ Agent

Portraits of youth boxers taken at a youth boxing tournament in Portland, Oregon.

David Ellis

Publication ESPN

Creative Rachel Weiss, director of photography

Two St. Paul Academy seniors react to a loss—and the subsequent end to their high school hockey careers—in the locker room at the section championship in the Minnesota High School Hockey playoffs.

David E. Klutho

Publication Sports Illustrated

Creative Marguerite Schropp Lucarelli, director of photography

University of Notre Dame running back Deon McIntosh is hit by Wake Forest University linebacker Ja'Cquez Williams with such force that the gold paint explodes off his helmet during a game on November 4, 2017.

Dustin Snipes

Client Red Bull Photography

Creative AJ Alfred Avrin, creative director

Multiple exposure of high diver Helena Merten as she dives into a pool in front of the Great American Eclipse in McMinnville, Oregon, on August 21, 2017.

Jesse Levine

Publication Mountain Life

Creative Connections Movement

Shot on assignment, this photograph is from a body of work that documents the making of a backcountry snowboarding film, Connections Film, in the Pamir Mountains of Kyrgyzstan.

Mike Lawrence

Client All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club

“Serene Wimbledon” focuses on the quiet solitude of the immaculate English tennis grounds before and after the rush of the crowd, and follows the people who help maintain them.

Joel Marklund

Photo Agency Bildbyran via ZUMA Press


Creative Scott Mc Kiernan, photo editor

Greek synchronized swimmer Evangelia Platanioti, 22, at the 2017 FINA World Championships in Budapest.

Carmen Chan

Creative Kati Forner, designer

A print promo featuring Chan’s favorite images from her recent projects.

David Paul Schmit

Creative Lara Miklasevics, food stylist // D’Ette Roberts, prop stylist // Nyla Schroeder, digital tech

This series was inspired by methods of restricting calories for weight loss. Since Schmit’s twin sister died in 2003 of anorexia, he has developed a greater interest in food photography, and it has become a method for him to cope with the loss.

Eschliman Studio


Creative Manual Creative, designer

Developer Lookbooks

A section of Eschliman’s website that features the deconstruction of a western white pine, including photographs of the tree’s thin, white top and its mossy, thick trunk. Each section was photographed from the top and the side, ultimately yielding two perspectives of the disassembled tree.

Julia Fullerton-Batten


Developer Bite Digital

A website promoting Fullerton-Batten’s art and commissioned work.

Justin Fantl

Agency Giant Artists

Creative George McCalman, designer // Danny Dumas, writer

A collaboration with a designer and a writer to showcase a series of images of antiquated technology in a mini-newspaper format with text to capture “technological nostalgia.”

Max Wanger

Agency Art & Motion

Creative Kati Forner, designer // PrintWest, printer

A colorful, layered promo piece Wanger created featuring different paper textures, stocks and sizes. The promo was delivered in a custom envelope made of clear cellophane.

Meiko Takechi Arquillos

Agency Redeye Represents


Developer Karl Peterson

Arquillos’s website showcases her colorful and whimsical GIF animations.

Sam Kaplan

Creative Julie Wilkinson, paper artist

A collaboration with paper artist Julie Wilkinson of Makerie Studio that shows the graphic nature of black pasta against white textured paper.

Simon Norfolk


Developer Bite Digital

Norfolk’s website, which he designed so that people can engage with the pictures in the way they do with large prints on a gallery wall, uses innovative captioning and the ability to zoom into the images.

Yuri Hasegawa

A newspaper-like promo featuring Hasegawa’s environmental portraiture.

Adam Birkan

Rep SAINT LUCY Represents

A quiet contemplation on Hanoi, Vietnam, a 1,006-year-old city experiencing rapid growth. Globalization is an unstoppable force, but history is proving to be an immovable object, Birkan says, with the two forces transforming the city into an amalgamation of past and present.

Amber Shields

Shields’s series about her grandmother Johanne spans 15 years, documenting a phase of a woman’s life that is often invisible in Western culture. Johanne, who defied societal norms in her earlier years, wrestles with macular degeneration, breast cancer and, eventually, her own mortality.

Claire Rosen

Creative Becci Manson, post-production

“The Fantastical Feasts” hosts anthropomorphized animals at banquets, nodding to iconic paintings “The Last Supper” and “Feast in the House of Simon the Pharisee,” as well as Dutch still-life tradition. Her work encourages viewers to consider her subjects as akin to humans, affording them more rights and status.

Dirk Krüll

Agency Laif

Creative David Beuse, post-production // Susanne Polzin, photography assistant/location scout

Krüll’s “Plastic Army: Invasion” series takes on the issue of plastic waste in a playful manner, creating esthetic depictions of artificial installations that serve as allegories of the unpleasant facts about environmental pollution.

Greg Kahn / Grain

Creative Mary Stanley, curator

When Ernestine Harris’s husband passed away, the bank tried to take their home in Brownwood Park, Atlanta, which they had shared since 1975. Kahn focuses on her story to paint a larger picture of gentrification in the city, and how, for financial institutions, the formula that determines what makes a property “desirable” fails to consider the lives of residents as part of the equation.

Jesse Rieser

Rep Sunday Afternoon

Creative Mary Virginia Swanson, editor

“The Changing Landscape of American Retail” captures the shift from traditional brick-and-mortar locations to the stark and generic structures that house shipping and server centers essential for e-commerce.

Jessica Antola

Agency Giant Artists

“My Mother” is rooted in Antola’s childhood memories of her mother’s closet, which housed everything from 1960s Iranian and Kashmiri garments to 1980s Neiman Marcus sale items, that defined her personal style. Antola photographs her mother, now in her 70s, in these vintage garments and only her hands show the passage of time.

Marc Mcandrews/institute

“American Ultraviolence” depicts the world of choreographed, violent “Death Matches,” an offshoot of professional wrestling, which McAndrews likens more to Shakespearean revenge plays than actual sport.

Nathan Cyprys

In “Cosmichronos,” Cyprys contrasts the mysticism of human existence with the pragmatism of the scientific method. Through photographs that capture light from distant stars, document the SETI Institute and depict a meteor-impact site, Cyprys implores viewers to consider deep time and our own planet on the cosmic scale.

The Voorhes

“Paper & Shadow” is a nod to the still-life work of 20th-century photographer Ruth Bernhard.

Nicolo Sertorio

Through “(Dis)Connected,” Sertorio asserts that our sense of disenfranchisement derives from the fundamental disconnect we have from the natural world, in turn driving our abuse of environmental resources.

Oded Wagenstein

The women featured in this body of work live in a remote peninsula in Northern Siberia. They were once part of a migrating community of herders named Nenets, but today, in their old age, the women spend most of their days in solitude, isolated from nature and their wandering community. Wagenstein created this series over the course of several days, photographing each women with an item from her past. By doing so, he says, “I was hoping to share their longing for belonging.”

Oli Kellett

Kellett’s project is an ongoing exploration of people at crossroads in the United States.

Patrick Wack

Agency Laif

Wack’s series takes viewers on a journey through China’s Xinjiang province, and includes scenes from the Taklamakan desert, Sayram Lake and the road from oasis town Turpan to the cradle of Uighur culture in Kashgar.

Pieter De Vos

Inspired by the sand patterns along the beach in Aposentillo, Nicaragua, de Vos created “Sand Script” to illustrate the dialogue between land and ocean, and how sand can reveal a place’s history—in this case, Nicaragua’s origin and its tumultuous past.

Rich Frishman

Frishman’s image of Jerry Mikeska’s BBQ in Columbus, Texas—where diners can enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet on Sunday afternoons—is a composite of hundreds of individual pictures, part of his ongoing project “American Splendor.”

Stefanos Kouratzis

Kouratzis photographed this series from his office window in Nicosia, Cyprus, as a football pitch was remodeled—new elements revealed or hidden; shapes, lines and shadows taking new form—likening it to a pulse waiting to be tapped into.

Theo Deproost

“Walking Unknown Valleys” blurs the line between still-life and landscape through macro photography. Deproost’s work allows viewers to explore the great landscapes of a smaller world, one that we cannot physically walk through, but can still experience and admire with awe. His work was shot in collaboration with The Museum in the Park in Stroud, England.

Tommaso Rada

As separatist movements and economical and political disparity in European countries have increased, the idea of “two-speed Europe,” in which some countries would integrate at a different level or slower pace, has gained traction, primarily in the south. Rada warns of the concept’s dire effects on Southern European countries, where it could complete the collapse of the Union.

Kimberli Fredericks

Photo Agency Cavan Images

Creative Adam Sternin, photo editor

This single image is from a series that explores motherhood.

Krit Omg

Photo Agency Cavan Images

Creative Stephanie Cabrera, photo editor

Sifting flour for a baking recipe, from a series exploring the culinary arts.

Adrian Mueller

Photo Agency OFFSET

Creative Keren Sachs, photo editor

Hikers and outdoor skaters enjoy an ice-covered Oeschinen Lake in Switzerland. The picturesque lake froze over during several weeks of well-below-freezing temperatures.

Stephanie Nnamani

Photo Agency Getty Images

Creative Christina Ihekwoaba, photo editor

“The Black Victorian” imagines a new black female narrative during the Victorian era. Nnamani underscores the absence of black narratives during this pivotal time, and says her work “provides a retrospective view of what could have been.”

Daniel Grizelj

Photo Agency Getty Images

Creative Lauren Catten, art director

This series, titled “Balance and Choice,” explores the boundaries between simplicity and complexity, capturing the knife edge of everyday decision-making.

Juj Winn

Photo Agency Getty Images

From a series of graphic color-blocked botanicals.

Thomas Barwick

Photo Agency Getty Images

Creative Amy Lehfeldt, art director

A series about community-building and friendship through cheerleading.

Leo Patrizi

Photo Agency Getty Images

A group of Arab teenagers view the Great American Eclipse on August 21, 2017. The image was shot for a contest in partnership with Muslim Girl.

Mariana Alija

Photo Agency Getty Images

An overhead view of swimmers at a rooftop pool and traffic in New York City.

Rochelle Brock

Publication Refinery29

Photo Agency Getty Images

Creative Toby Kaufmann, executive photography director Lorenna Gomez-Sanchez, senior photo editor Julie Borowsky, photo editor

In this shoot, Brock and Refinery29 shun the idea of an “imperfect” complexion, showcasing acne, freckles and moles, proclaiming: “Skin is in!”

Gunnar Knechtel

Photo Agencies Laif, Redux Pictures

An architectural body of work about Astana, Kazakhstan, which Knechtel calls “the youngest and most peculiar capital in the world.” The city was re-designed and named the capital in 1998, following the country’s independence from the Soviet Union.

Simon Stock

Photo Agency Gallery Stock

Creative Jennifer Fox Freeman, creative director

A single image from an aerial project photographed in Scotland.

Emiliano Pinnizzotto

Title OPIUM (the Opium Border)


Creative Emiliano Pinnizzotto, reportage, images, video, sound, editing // Lauren Mastroviti, voice over

Consumption of and addiction to opium has spread rapidly in the border villages between India and Burma, Pinnizzotto says. This film documents the addicts and their families, and questions the future of these villages. What will happen in a few years if the addiction rates continue to climb?

Goh Iromoto

Title Bush & Beyond


Creative Goh Iromoto, director/cinematographer/editor // Courtney Boyd, sound recordist/camera assistant/editor // Jason Zukowski, colorist // Jay Smith, motion designer // Quewin Warnasuriya, sound design and mix

Iromoto’s film showcases the landscapes, people and wildlife of Kenya as he traveled across the African country for 26 days. “What I experienced was pure adventure, and I only hope that this short film best illustrates what I saw and felt,” he writes. “I also hope that it reminds people of the incredible things that exist here on this very same planet we all stand on and share.”

Jason Van Bruggen

Title NASA: Greenland Melts


Creative Jason van Bruggen, director and creative // Blaine Pearson, creative Kiel Milligan, director of photography // Alex Bros, Jason van Bruggen, second camera // Monica Remba, post-production // Wingman VFX, VFX and animation // Alter Ego Post, color


Client WSL (the Swiss Land Institute), NASA

A video that follows the work of Dr. Konrad Steffen, a climate scientist who has been monitoring the melting of the Greenlandic Ice Sheet for over 25 years through a series of remote unmanned data collection stations.

Jonathan Knowles

Title Art of Brewing


Creative Jonathan Knowles, director // Jodanna Bird, art director // Marian Alexander Mentrup, sound design // Studio Private, post-production

Knowles takes an artistic approach toward documenting the process of brewing beer.

Jonathan Chapman

Title Mélanie Lopez | #SeeHer


Creative Jonathan Chapman, director/cinematographer // Patrick Meehan, cinematography/drone // Brian Raphael, production assistant // Craig Christiansen, producer // John Fontana, production/story development // Joseph McMahon, edit // The Music Bed, music // Skyler Lawson, composer

Mélanie Lopez quit her job in technology to become a custom boat builder. This film follows her as she hand-crafts a wooden boat in the Spaulding Marine Center in Sausalito, California, and on the water as she rows.

Andrea Patiño Contreras

Title “I was the victim of an acid attack. Now I help other women look in the mirror again.”


Creative Andrea Patiño Contreras, video and editing // Alejandra Quintero, second camera // Ricardo Weibezahn, graphics

publication Univision Noticias

Colombia is one of the countries where acid attacks happen most frequently, notes Contreras. Her video follows Gina Potes, an activist who denounces this brutal form of violence. She and fellow survivor Patricia Espitia use their scars as a tool while helping other women who have suffered this type of violence.

Almudena Toral

Title A night bearing witness to the violence of El Salvador


Creative Almudena Toral, video and editing // Maye Primera, second camera // Ricardo Weibezahn, graphics // Andrea Patiño Contreras, editing // Mauricio Rodriguez Pons, animator

publication Univision Noticias

According to Toral, an average of 11 homicides occur every day in El Salvador. This video follows “El Tecolote,” a video journalist who covers crime in the country and who is a witness to this violence every night.

Almudena Toral

Title Seeking asylum in Mexico: a family divided


Creative Almudena Toral, video // Maye Primera, production // Nacho Corbella, editor // Mauricio Rodriguez Pons, animator // Ricardo Weibezahn, graphics

publication Univision Noticias

This video follows a family that fled Honduras and sought asylum in Mexico. According to Toral, this family makes up some of the 160,000 people forcibly displaced from the region in 2016.

Philip Edsel

Title PARALLAX, A Sony RX0 Film


Creative Philip Edsel, director // Peter Longno, director of photography // Moyo Oyelola, producer and BTS // Jacob Jonas, choreography

Client Sony

Edsel created this motion piece with Sony’s new RX0. “The film is an exploration of perspectives and angles uncommon to traditional cameras, while observing the push and pull of human relationships,” he says.

Alexander Anufriev

School Rodchenko Art School, Moscow, Russia

“New Moscow” looks at new construction on the outskirts of the city, where Anufriev was a tenant. Documenting his neighbors became a larger metaphor for his view of Russia, its residents hopeful for a new start amid an incomplete landscape and unfulfilled promises.

D'Angelo Lovell Williams

School Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York

Though Williams is the subject of his thesis project, about desire and black queer identity, the series is not autobiographical, he states. Williams’ role is performative, using his body to deconstruct narratives of black male intimacy and sexuality and his gaze to assert control. “My images counteract the histories of black bodies in art being looked at, but not being able to look, see and feel for themselves,” he says.

Dennis Anzano

School University of California, Berkeley

A boy plays in a cemetery in Naga City, Philippines.

Elnaz Mansouri

School George Brown College, Toronto, Canada

A series of aerial landscape images shot during winter in Canada and Iceland, composed to look like minimalistic illustrations and abstract paintings.

Emanuele Amighetti

School Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

The ceasefire between Armenia and Azerbaijan, two countries in conflict since the collapse of the Soviet Union, is regularly broken and Amighetti’s work focuses on Artsakh teenagers who train in a military academy, their lives in limbo from a war that has been normalized their entire lives.

Jutharat Pinyodoonyachet

School International Center of Photography, New York City

“Un-Organ” focuses on different aspects of the human body in minute detail. “For me, street photography is about searching for tiny, peculiar traces of humanity in reality, and transforming them from something ordinary to something extraordinary,” Pinyodoonyachet says.

Lindley Warren

School University of Iowa, Iowa City

Images from a personal body of work about Warren’s family, primarily shot within The Meadows, a trailer park in Iowa where her brother’s family and her aunt reside.

Mushfiqul Alam

School BRAC University, Dhaka, Bangladesh

“The Great Exodus” documents the harsh conditions in Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh. The government and military are working with UN agencies and NGOs to try and manage the humanitarian crisis, with refugee numbers soaring to 900,000. The Rohingya fear they will never be able return to Myanmar, where they have been brutally persecuted and their citizenship denied.

Rosie Brock

School School of Visual Arts, New York City

Brock’s childhood years in the Gulf Coast of Florida were a key motivation for this body of work, which explores the nuanced relationship between the region’s mythic history and its current socioeconomic reality. Comprising intimate portraits and landscapes, the series combines documentation tinged with fantasy.

Ruobang Wang

School International Center of Photography, New York City

Illegal logging in Myanmar contributed to massive deforestation in the country, and, after a yearlong ban, the government has allowed the industry to resume with enhanced supervision. Timber is valuable but transportation is risky, and elephants are still used in places inaccessible to vehicles.

Todd F. Michalek

School Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York

“Who am I Now?” is about the life of a boy named Mao, a “third-culture kid” of a refugee family, as he grows into adolescence in the United States.